street video

Don’t think anyones posted cody’s new video. its really addicting to watch. i found it by accident.

I watched like the first half, a bit too long IMO. Great riding though, I love his style. :slight_smile:

Really good vid.

By far the longest vid I’ve ever seen of one rider (prob by at least 2X’s). But his tricks lines and locations were varied enough to keep it somewhat fresh. Some of the filming angles were a bit repetitive though. Very flowy style. If I didn’t know better, I’d guess he was riding a 24 or 26".

One of the two best ramp riders Ive seen :smiley: (fido is the other)

Yeah, I was about to say, “GET THIS GUY A 26”!".

His style is so close to being like Cedric’s. :stuck_out_tongue:

I loved that video. I love the fact he uses proper street obstacles. First real street video in ages!

i don’t wanna sound harsh, but i just idn’t like all the lame footplant stuff
same vidéo only with the best tricks would have be shorter and much more enjoyable to watch

I totally agree…

I was talking about this with another rider and we both agree. He takes his hand off the seat any chance he gets, after landing a trick and waiting untill the last second to grab the seat for a jump, don’t know why but it bugs me, maybe just because its diffrent. Alot of footage, I don’t think he was worrying about choosing the best clips to make a 2min long vid or whatever. Some really cool ideas in there though, I really liked some of the tricks, 1:15 was cool, I’ve been trying that trick for a long time trying to get it looking smooth.

way too long. got half way then gave up. the way he would do similar tricks on the same obstacle, with the same angle, about 10 times in a row, just got so boring. i mean he has an awsome style, just needs to learn how to use it.

agreed. riding without holding on looks dodge to me (altho it probly looks worse to a non-rider to be holding ur crotch the whole time ur riding. lawl)

nice guy and cool style, just not the best video

It just looks un-natural forcing your hand onto and off of the seat. It looks rushed in a way and … just strange haha. Its like, take hand off NOW, put hand on NOW!