STREET VIDEO - Sweatin' It

Just finished up another movie, Titled “Sweatin’ It” as I have been sweating alot in the summer sun.
I put some work into this one. Hopefully my effort on style is shown well through all the work in the post production. Let me know what you think.

HQ BIG (120mb)
HQ small (20mb)
(CTRL/Right click to download)


wow thats pretty awesome!!
u shuld try to grind some hand rails now, you got the hops for it proly…

Thanks peeps,

…“just one more try”. haha, I cant believe I got it too, haha.

Yea expect some handrails in my next video.

well make sure ur grinding with ur pedal on the hand rails other wise its gonna make you crash…

That was awesome, I downloaded the high quality one. More people should make high quality videos.

The ending was really cool.

That was probably the best editing I’ve ever seen in a uni video.

I really enjoyed it. That part at the end was so funny :slight_smile:

I’m downloading the high quality version as well.

AWESOME!! i loved it.

What exactly happened at the end?

From what I got of it you were trying to crankflip that guys 3 set and he yelled at you to stop, and then you tried it once more after he looked away or something… Did he yell at you again after that?

nice vid.

I just learned grinding yesterday.
really nice, I had to travel over to a skate park, because there are none around here. the biggest thing I got down was a y foot long rail, that had a 4 foot drop after where you jumped, and vertically dropped around 3 feet, was insane for my first day, I want to try a 4 set, or 3 set hand rail soon.

pretty much, he wasnt liking the idea of me tryin again. I knew I was so close and had already wasted like 10 minutes of my tape, so I was ona mission. As soon as he saw me put the cap on the camera he got back to whatever he was doin in his car, I landed it, packed up, and left before he could get to mad.

that vid was SICK!

its funny how being under pressure can sometimes help you land a trick. The other day I kept trying to ride on top of a log and then jump off onto a parking curb thing (im a newb). Then some random guy walks up with a camera phone and starts filming me and I pulled it off perfect.

edit: oh yeah, amazing video and the best editing I’ve seen on any video on here so far.

Very stylish and nice music.
I like you hop mount into one foot wheel walking.
Editing wise I like the backyard.

sweet editing, sweet riding.
i like the music too, im altso listening to rjd2:p

thanks for the comments, specialy on the editing. Its nice to know that I am doing something right.

oh no, you dont do something right, u do alright :smiley:
that vid was great!

That was great. nice and smooth. awesome editing.

nice editing and the one more time was funny

Wow that was great. What camera do you have? the quality was great. that editing was extreme too :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a brand new HD canon XHA1 thanks for noticing the nice fantastic picture quality, haha.

wow thats an expencive camera! Very nice though.