Street Video - Sony

Thankyou all for replying.


It was Lucas?

I love you to.


Awesome riding Man keep it up:D . The trey double flips and rail riding is looking great:) Cant wait for the next vid.

Now I agree 100%

The no-footer coast/varial was amazing :astonished: Never seen it before!

ditto. Easier to find him hear, to better please his sponsor?

It was Lucas1wheel.

It was presidentluke, I changed it to Luke Collalto ages ago.

Nice. I always liked BMX riders who rode rails instead of grinding. Glad to see it carry over to one wheel so well. No silver frame?


are you single? :wink:

nice trey doubles

i dont understand the names of your videos…is it sony because you use a sony camera?

awesome vid though man, revolutionary!

annnnnnnnnnd fart noises…

Nice vid! What was that song? I liked it :slight_smile:

i cant believe how clean that sex change was. when i go to try that, i need 2 prehops, and i need at least 5 hops after the landing.

You are my new hero.
I freaking shat myself with the skinnies (the curved one! :astonished: )… wooooooow

there not on about you, there on about lucas.

bye bye

Thanks. Yeah, I’m pretty egocentric.

yep brendan was being rude n jacking the thread, he said pocksy trey doubles n fifth flips didnt deserve all this credit lol joking mate, revolutionary is a good way to describe the video

I love you more than Brooke (sorry, personal joke).
sweet stuff. you werent lying when you said you think rail riding should be more included in street. i loved it.
i see you got a new frame too, oowwww contraversial, for some reason.
cool stuff.

riding was sick!!! music sucked…

man… great, great riding… most creative lines ever!!!

the music though… edit it again with another one!!! :smiley:


Hey Luke. Great Vid… but I’ll tell you what I brutally disliked.
music - uninspired and unsynced. tempo & lyrics were nostalgic but your riding is upbeat and inspiring.
location/film - mixed up. Good variety for awhile, but after about 2 minutes the tricks become repetitive.
skills - i liked your grinds/hop skinnies on railings.
video - story? at the end of a movie, I’d like to have been told a story. The classic good triumphs over evil. Challenges overcome. What was your point?

Youre a great rider.

i love that song. i first heard it on the hottest 100 cd. tis cool.

I loved that video. That’s probably my favourite from you now.

Everything was great: music(I loved that song), filming and editing. And of course the riding. It all fits together very well. When I watch that video, it really makes me feel something(apart from the holy shit, did you see that trick). It just draws me in and I can’t look away. Excellent!

One request: could you please post it in high quality? I have a small collection of unicycling videos and this one would definitely be a keeper. And it’d be nice to see it less blurry and with sharper colours as well.

Well done, mate!

the rail rides and hops to wheel walk were very nice