Street Video - Sony

“I understand occupational health and safety legislation”, said the moblie phone to the sun.

So many great things in this vid!

Whatever that sideways coast thingy was around :40-:45 was amazing. Also loved the back to back 360s, that crankgrab around 1:10, jumping to rails, riding/tricking off them.

Argh! This is my favorite one now!

EDIT: Forgot about the 540s. =p

Riding-wise this is my favorite video yet. So many creative lines, tre doubles look crazy.

I agree with what has been said. In my opinion thats your best vid yet by far, great riding.

I love you luke.

Awesome! I’ve been waiting for those trey doubles…

sweet riding, im not sure about the music…maybe thats just me.

Sweet Video!

Way better than the one that called you out.

You win!


amazing i love your flow and how u do full 540’s
Your my favorite street rider:)

5 stars.

I’m not sure which sport this is borrowed from but are we all agreed it should be called a “Pretzel” when you 360 up onto something one way (insert optional trick) and then 360 off the opposite way? (00:47 - 00:51). Then you could pretzel a rail or whatever…

Really good riding… but i didnt realy like the filming… if you got the filming down, it would be a reallllly good vid.

sicker than a hospital!

wow that was seriously sweet!

wots with the name change lucas?

Great riding. But the song didnt really go with it. I think that the previous vids went with their songs better. But still great tricks.


Nice work. I like the riding on rails stuff, and that grind to drop on the big orange box look awsome.

that was so sweet. I loved the tre doubles.

nice vid man! i like your riding.

im suprised of your choice of music…
alot of people wouldnt choose bright eyes for their choice of music…
it was a sick vid…the grinds were smooth and so was the rail riding…
then that thing where u stall that lil pyramid then jump back over was pretty cool!!

i rely liked the music, i hadnt hurd that song in years.
I love the rail riding it was somthing crazy

bye byyyyeeeee