STREET VIDEO - Just One Minute

Got a couple of shots rollin around on my new weheelset.

The tricks are a bit sketchy, as I only had a few minutes of tape to work with. I had already gotten the camera out so I did what I could.
I was just happy it wasn’t 90° for the first time in a while.


BIG - 13mb:D
SMALL - 3mb :roll_eyes:
YOUTUBE - go with one of the above if you can play QuickTime movies.:o

-Sam Haber

liked the uni, looks very well… uhh… manuverable. yea thats it. ;D

you had some nice spins in there, but the crankflip looked a bit slow. i would have been more impressed if you got it around a bit faster. it looks as if you caught it as it hit the ground. nice stuff there. love the uni.

I was actually going for a slow flip. Catching early is fun and very important when doing sets and drops, but on flat I usally try to time the flip to the hieght of the hop.

looks fancy…like ur pedals too…

Too small… I mean there was like what, 4 or 5 tricks? If your going to have a small vid it has to be action packed.

you can only get so action packed with a few minutes of tape. At first I really didint like this video to much, was not very happy with the final product. Tho after a bit of review I think it is some of my best editing Ive ever done. The maching of the title, credits, transisitons, to the music… I mean the text even fades out as I ride through it.

I do agree the the content is lacking. Its in the title tho ‘Just one minute’. If you havent figured it out yet. My videos are more about the art than showing off my skills. I still need to practice my riding quite a bit. Or work with some other riders :roll_eyes:

I think it was a nice showcase of the 20 inch street wheel.