Street Video - Joy



that was good

well done

yea nice vid well done

Great riding man
Good job :wink:

Most enjoyable :sunglasses:

awesome…made me want to ride.

wats in the austrailan water that makes everyone from austraila sooo good at the sports like bmx and unicycling!!!
And who was the band and song?

I’f it wasen’t on you tube, I could watch it and enjoy it :wink:
Can someone put it in the gallery?

Peter M

Great vid man, good effort on the sorta 480/540 thingy closest ive seen since dan i think

Nice 540! Looked shaweet!
I so wanna do that rev.


you are what street riding is inspiring to become. This is what i was talking about in my “dissapointed” thread, this is the stuff that needs to be pushed, from what ive seen from this site and its videos, i feel your the best all around street rider i have seen in a long time.

wicked stuff man,


I realy enjoyed it, especialy the 360 down the big set was crazy. Your KH looks realy good with the silver frame.

That was amazing, there were some really creative lines in there. Good job.

really good guy!!! great vid!!!:wink: :wink:

Really nice man. You make it look so easy.

dang ! I just loved it. Thats what street really is. I think that it was better than the spring break vid from shaun…


You are by far my favourite rider to watch now. Keep churning out these sick vids man, they’re awesome.

Average. Come to NZUni weekend in October if you want a free lesson in how to ride.

Damn it, I can’t back that up. Great vid, awesome riding!

Wow. That was great. I love the combinations you use from fakie and normal. I think doing tricks fakie look a lot nicer than just normal. I watched the video a while ago now (few hours ago), so this may not be right, but the fakie treflip down the stair set was very impressive (was fakie tre right?). Keep it up kid, you’re doing great.

I loved all the trey flips they look sooo kool, Loved the jump, to the sidewheelwalking.