Street Video - Imaginary

went riding the last couple of days after a pretty long break. not many flip tricks in this, which i know some people like.

feedback would be fantastic.


ps. uploading on youtube atm


Loved the fakie 360 down the six set. All your 360s look really clean with so much “snap”. Have you ever tried a 720?





Your creative style amaze me, I dont like it that most street riders are doing the same tricks in flat over and over again.

I agree with our TV star :wink:
I don’t like all the flat/street video’s with no creative stuff in it.
You realy showed what the people should do.
Good job Luke!

Peter M


I really hope to get in aus soon and ride with ya!


Nice. 720…cooool. Big hops and awesome hoptwists.

You’re the master of creativity :smiley: Really, really cool and enjoyable vid! That gap in the beginning was HUUGE!

Is that even humanly possible? Amazing stuff!:smiley:

Luke, thanks for putting it on vimeo. I will very much enjoy the full quality version I downloaded.

That was the best video I’ve ever seen. I liked it better than defect. The gap in the beginning was insanse and then up the 3 stair into a sideways wheelwalk, was crazy. Probally the coolest trick I’ve ever seen.

I hate watching videos with all flip tricks, although its technical its boring to watch.

Good job!

Great video, I enjoyed the music and liked the up to sideways ww.

Did anyone else notice the guy doing the trials line 1:05 -1:10?


I’m glad people liked it. :slight_smile:

for the youtubers

That was pretty much incredible!

So very creative! Makes me want to go out and ride really really hard!

And I really enjoyed the high quality on Vimeo. I wish all your vids were like that.

I can’t say which trick I liked the best, because they’re all amazing. I’ll go watch it again now.

Also, don’t you shin yourself? Or does riding without shinguards force you to be more consistent?

What about us people who loved it? :slight_smile:


Yeah, i do like vimeo better, I’ll start uploading some of my others there.

As for skin guards, I have plastic pedals, and i want strangers to think im tough.

hahahaha. hey man it was awesome. but didn’t you land tre donkeys at uninats?
I loved the whole video, as well the PK stuff. are you on the pk forums?

it almost like it was just imaginary :smiley: ha ha ha!

amazing! now that’s street! krazy!!

All those 360s were sooo smooth. I liked the Inward Fakieflip down the set.

What was the move in the dark? I couldnt tell.


Donkey Trey.

Ground breaking vid, but I’m sorry, but I don’t think the 720 is there yet (Not to be a bitch :stuck_out_tongue: ) Try it off a ledge maybe…

Anyways amazing vid!