street vid "good times" by Matty P


It will blow your mind, and make you giggle as well.

Give Matty props.

No vimeo? I would watch it on youtube but i’m at school therefore I can’t :frowning:

i dont have the file. Matty does. plus i have volume issues with vimeo :angry:

Wow! Really awesome Grinds and the blind folded stuff was amazing too!

K, i’ll wait til I get home then :wink: .

14 stair hand rail at the end was my favourite hahaha.

That was a pretty sweet vid. I want to try to ride blindfolded!

I dug it.

squeak squeak squeak squeak sweet stuff man

awwwwwwwwww! that was epic… the “blind” sesh was amazing, and that crazy snake ledge made me go, “whu?”

i want to be an aussie

that’s weird i just posted about how good these good times were and its gone.

oh well good times

Great stuff :smiley:

Awesome video. blindfolded full outflip and 5 spin were amazing. Awesome grinds to. those guys are pretty cool

Matty also released another video that I don’t think was posted…


mellow is more an artfagish vid. good times is just an excellent vid.

Ah pilch, I admire how little you care of what others think of you!

A fine quality indeed.

Rad vid.

its a gift i have, i just dont give a rats arse about anything.

that was really awesome, glad to see you guys riding.

HAha HA ha.
sucks to be dan.

props to matty but.
looks like final cut 2 is
running smooth.


aah that was awesome i loved it