[Street] Unused Footage Spring 2009

Just some unused footage I threw together with a quick edit and random song. Nothing special, just had all this stuff and didn’t want to just delete it all.
Hope you don’t hate it. :slight_smile:

Will be on Vimeo on monday. Waiting so I can upload in HD.

Edit: Watch it later when processing is complete for better quality.

I did upload in HD, but it is being very slow to finish processing.

the fakie crankgrabs looked cool


Thanks, the fakie grabs took a while to learn, but once I learned I got two in a row and a few more after.

HD is now available.

little nice vid!

dude you could go way higher on your rolling hops if you tucked

sweet vid :slight_smile:

Nice. Some cool stuff in there. Fakie crankgrabs were sick. The hop onto the table was sick, but I didn’t think you should have shown it 6 times.:stuck_out_tongue:
Good video, but some parts were repetitive.

That was cool.

Your rolling hops look so funny. As soon as your landing or just about to, your knees kind of go out funny. Your not even tucking at all, learn to tuck and then go really big :slight_smile:

Cool video,


your high uni isn´t that good for rollinghop i think :roll_eyes:

Thanks everyone.

I am confused on exactly how to tuck with rolling hops. Anyone have any tips?

Ohh, you have so many good rails.

+1 , i´ve only one and that´s a nine-set

Cool. Fakie grabs were more like, fakie, stop, sidehop. Lol. But whatever.
Cool rails… manny pad line. Ummm rolling hope, the tucking is nothing like a sidehop of course, what you wanna do is try to headbutt the top of your tire :slight_smile: Once you master that, uber rolling hops skills are yours :smiley:

They don’t mean tuck, as much as they mean pike. Make an L


yeah we get it, you can rolling hop up that pinic table.

Hah yeah, I know this footage was all just unused footage, but by the end I grew very tired of seeing that table.

you tuck forward on rolling hops, but to me it looks like your setting up and taking off way to close to the table. If you take off a larger distance away it will give you more time to tuck!


I’m reminded of gymnastics where its important to nail the landing.
When you hop onto the benches, you hop around too much.
You’re obviously doing well to rolling hop up there, and it kinda ruins it. Try to nail the landing, and roll out of it, or do a single 180 hop.
If this is the unused footage, wheres the used video?