[STREET] Unused clips

Right, I was busy shooting footage for a big street vid, but then I lost a lot of footage because of a computer problem so I decided to make a video of the footage I still have left: Unused clips.

[B]Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/4666561[/B]

EDIT: I’m not exactly in love with the auto embedding youtube stuff, still, enjoy

Great stuff.

5 set…barely. :slight_smile:

A lot of nice stuff in there.
Love the 180s out of handrails, the jump up 6, and the huge 10 set rail.
Did you ever get the blunt grind at 1:40?

Wow nice footage! The 10 stair rail grind was sick like the roll hop up the 6!!!

Awesome vid :smiley:

NICE! Liked your vid!

Like I already said: An insane, nice vid !!
creative lines and great grinds!!
the 6-set hop + 10 set handrail were so sweet :astonished:

Time to make a new movie ;)…

I’ve been waiting for this for so long!!! Loved it man. Muuuch better then the SI trials vid :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Dan and Dustin need a colab :stuck_out_tongue:

On the ten set when your crank and pedal came off and u basically forced it back in(pushed and kicked it in :D) Then you tryed again and i thought it was doing slowmo cause your crank and edal were gunna come off again :roll_eyes: Well anyway it was sweet i liked the 180 of grind:p

hey dustin,
nice to see a new video of you. i enjoyed watching it a lot. i like how you raise your arms and smile after you landed a rail grind or somethng else, cause it shows you re having fun riding.

fav part of the video was the flow pedalgrap in the beginnen and no doubt the long and steep rail.

nice video!!! The last grind was so sick

wow really nice vid;)

that was good as! the 10 set rail looked like it had massive stairs and was really steep very nice. loved the random stuff on those benches as well

I wouldn’t call it a 10 set,

It’s the size of a 15-16 set, but steeper.

Great video! Amazing style and flow.

Awesome vid. We need more big street vids. That 10 set at the end was huge.

Sounds like I’ll have to bring my trials uni to NZ for Unicon :wink: You guys must be coming, right?

About the video, apperently I lied, it’s all stuff from 2008, even the rail at the end (which was slowmo because I needed to fill time haha). I’m stoked to go riding again and film some new footage! If I get the chance I’ll definately try to do my dream rail:

Link in case it doesnt work: http://lh5.ggpht.com/DustinMichels/RsbZvD0ysQI/AAAAAAAAACM/MIaLlK20P7Q/19set.jpg

Rate the vid when you watch it if you can, trying to hit 50 ratings this time

Epic vid Dustin :astonished: ! Can’t wait to ride with you again :D.

Great stuff from a great guy.
True masterpiece again :sunglasses:

That video was tight, that one dude was buff, your link doesn’t work, and big street rulz!
BTW what broke on that crank arm?

Franks a soft, thick, undyed leather made chiefly from the skins of buffalo, elk, or oxen? :stuck_out_tongue: I should visit unicyclist.com more often, been missing out on a lot apperently. Uhmm, nothing broke, the crank fell off because I forgot to tighten it properly. It’s Qu-ax, it can’t break :wink: It was a bad day, I broke my seatpost, my crank fell off, and had a flat in like 2 hours of riding.

About the blunt: I didn’t have any wax with me, and we were with a group that wanted to move on, so I didn’t get a lot of tries, and gave up. I’m going to try it again sometime on the 5set rail at 1:10 or so.

Picca: DREAMRAIL that should work… otherwise I give up!

To be honest I wasn’t too happy about the video, but I wanted to post the clips before they were ancient. Editing was poor, and I’m missing alot of clips. Hopefully I can shoot a new vid with some riders this summer. It’s going to be great if we can go to Hasselt again (Ben, Peter)!

I loved the vid!

None of the three work for me:(