Street unicyclist's heaven “skate plaza” you should all what the trailer. Guys listen up now… if each and every street rider (unicycling) comes to an event I would organize there… we might be able to have the place for a few days… and yes each and everyone of us has to pay a price… I supose around 30$ each if we are enough… tell me what ya’ll think

LOVE IT! I was hoping to rip there next summer (summer trip). It would be rad if something was there. Heard that place is the sh*t.
-Shaun Johanneson

if i could make it i’d totally show up.

Wow. I want one.

But, were is it?

mike, dan, zack, and jeff went there during last years nationals. I’ve herd it was a pretty sweet place to ride. In zack’s commentary section in defect, he grinds a good size rail that was at the dc skate plaza.

that place does look like heaven, what’s the deal with paying to use it?

yeah man, there are stacks of kick-ass skate parks around that u have to pay to get into and use. The ones u have to pay to use are mostly indoors, or used for comps and stuff, so they want u to pay, so u fund the skatepark to keep it up and running.

There is a mad indoor skatepark called The Shed in cranbourne, melbourne, that i wanna go to soon…

In the UK Stoke-on-Trent CC just built the largest skate plaza in Europe, Me, Kington99, rupert and Alex went there just after christmas last year, they’re just incredible for lines. It was really icy so we were limited by what had thawed out, but what was there was amazing and I’m looking forward to going again in easter when there should be less lines coated in ice.

Oh, and since it was funded by a public body, entrance is free, you just walk into the place. Sometimes it is beneficial to be a taxpayer :p.


we gotta organise a ride up there some time, preferably soonish. That looks amazing…
Im sure Lucas and others would love to go for a ride there how about it?


Sounds like a good idea Mike, it’s going to be a hell of a drive for you guys to get over there but it does have some fantastic stuff. I think Loose and I may well make a trip up there just after uni ends, before the school kids flood it during the holidays, but we could alwyas move to accomodate. We may well do it as part of a Snowdon trip like we did last time, as I think Loose has something planned for Easter and it’s on the way for us.

The deal with paying would be : 100 unicycling taking over the place so no skateboarders in a skteboarding plaza… dosent make sence unless the unicyclist do something special to get there… (from my point of view) and paying 30$ to get in isnt that bad nad help build more of those across the world…

dang max your english isnt very good, i couldnt understad that sentence or whatever it was

Max is french.

where is it?

i know, i just thought he might want to know

drools on monitor

there’s no way something of that size would be built in the bay area… real estate is so expensive here, on the order of $1 million / acre… stupid yuppies are building all kinds of playgrounds but the skate parks here are dinky.

I know my english is bad… but like when I type here I dont rlly try to make it be good… like when I send real letters and stuff to ppl it’s good dont worry…

man i would love to have one of those close to me =p like 5miles sounds close enough lol

read this if you want to see “bad” typing, cause even you say max; typing was bad, it made perfect sense to me =p