Street unicycling questions

Hello, I have four questions if anyone can help:

  1. I’m learning to do some street unicycling, but also trials. What
    sort of unicycle seat height should I have (Ive been having it quite
    high up until now but I can learn to ride it lower, and I saw an
    incredible unicycle hockey player with a really ludicrously low seat
    and he was nippin’ about reight fast). note: I don’t have a quick
    release thing.

  2. I have a Nimbus 20" trials unicycle and the pedals are metal but
    have small nobbly bits on - will this affect grinding? is there someway
    I can have a piece of metal on the bottom to slide along rails? or is
    this not necessary?

  3. How pumped up should i have the tyre? should it be quite flat (i’m
    worried about damaging the rims) or should it be more towards rock

  4. Does anyone know anything about getting unicycles onto buses? cos i
    catch them and sometimes get kicked off for having one. Apparently i’m
    allowed to take it, providing it’s in a bag… so how can i get my
    unicycle in a bag? maybe some kind of backpack ?

thanks, Mike

everyone’s different…I say do what feels comfortable. Kevin McMullin has a SUPER low seat, and he’s awesome, but then Dan Doerkson has a SUPER high seat post, and he’s also awesome. most people like it lower for street/trials riding though.

those are called Grind Plates, and are often used by experienced riders. generally thick plastic works better than metal though, it can slide on cement better. there’s plastic ones for sale on

it shouldn’t hit the rims, but it should have some bounce in it. I have mine at about 22 psi…when you push on the tire with your finger, it should give a little bit, but not too much. and when you hop, it’s okay if you see it flatten a little bit, as long as you never hit the rim.

I never woulda thought someone would kick you off for having a uni…but anyway. some people use those backpacks that people carry skateboards or snowboards in, but they put the unicycle in it instead. if you’ve seen the trailer for Into The Thunder Dragon, Kris and Nathan use them, and also in the trailer for U.N.I.

have fun,

Re: Street unicycling questions

Thanks an awful lot, that was really helpful :slight_smile:
cheers, Miek.

As for the bag question, I would gest carry a trash can Bag with me. That way you can put the uni in it, and when you get off take it out of the bag and put the bag in you pocket or backpack.
Im not convinced that straping you unicycle on the bake of a backpack lite this one Would allow you on the bus thay might want it Hiden or out of sight.

For grinding (witch I am fairly new at) You and do A of B things
A: Yous you matal peddals but unscrew the pins and grind down the ones that dont unscrew(Thats what I did)
B: buy/find plastic ones

Option A is cheapest
Option B works better, but the peddal will ware away

Unfortunately I can’t really help you with the other questions, but I also got kicked off of a couple buses for having a unicycle, actually it was more that I wasn’t aloud on. But it only actually happened once and I think the guy was just being a jerk.

If you want to strap it to a backpack, I would suggest getting a skateboard bag with straps instead of a flap as with the straps you can actually tie the uni to the pack and it wont move as much. I can do this with my bag no problem. Unfortunately I cannot find who made the bag anymore. I bought it 6 years ago and has lasted through more abuse than I can think of (things like dragging it under a skateboard or sliding on it. I bought it at a skateshop here in Ottawa called top of the world, it was their house brand and on it claims to be made by the big bag company USA, but when I went to their site they only made plastic bags, so I have no idea who really makes it.

I also believe that norco makes some plastic pedals, hope some of that rambling helped.

you forgot Option C, get grind plates for your pedal…works best

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