Street unicycling iphone app

I was talking side flip and dane was talking about maxwhip

Nope, was talking about the maxflip

So what o the side flip thing called then?

I’m calling it the maxflip. It’s not a side flip or a front flip. You could call it a diagonal flip I guess. Or you could ask max what he wants to call it.

i think im happy calling it a sideflip… :stuck_out_tongue:

so what all is going to be in this game :slight_smile:

I’m not, since it isn’t a side flip.

You can see how I am trying to thread-jack since I don’t have an iphone (or a smart phone for that matter)

I don’t know why this is still a debate, Max started (mostly) sideways, flipped sideways, landed sideways, and told everyone it was supposed to be a sideflip.

Ah I didn’t know that bit. Well if he wants to call it a sideflip that’s fine, he did it. But from a technical point… lol

Back on topic, do you have any images to show us for your app?

I’m sure going to get this app once it’s out! I think all it needs in it already has been told, I can’t wait to see this in the app store! :smiley:

same here. and he can also update it :slight_smile:

[QUOTE=Isaac Conyers;1446634]
YES! lol then i CAN be christian huriwai :smiley: but of course this would require getting permission from riders and everything

haha, how awesome would it be. each player could have their own unique special trick. Yeah, would be awesome if they got permission and everything. could actually work.


Yeah! And as you did tricks it would build up a bar called the “special bar” until you got it full and then you would bust out the signature move… oh wait…


So, is there any estimate on when this will be available? I am stoked!


How’s the progress of this app coming along???

Ipad aswell!!!

Android as well!