Street unicycling iphone app

I’m making a street unicycling game for the Iphone. I already have the basic controls and movement in, I’m just working on the fine details. Does anyone have any suggestions of what they would like to see in this game?

Ummmm…a unicycle!! Heehee
On a serious note, if you can do it, i saw a vid of a guy riding a tightrope and he even turned round and rode a bit back!!
If you can use the in built motion thingy as the balance maybe that’d be a cool little sub game :thinking:

Different color options for the frame and parts would be cool. I am excited. I’ll definitely get it. There aren’t many uni apps.

A bonus BC wheel level!

So what is the game like? How big is the file? Will it cost anything? When do you think it will be available? If you can’t tell, I’m really stoked to try it.

how are you making the app - do you need a special program? :slight_smile:

a side hop level

Out of curiosity, are you using a game engine? If so, which one?

The game is going to be level based, with different obstacles and such in each level. I am creating with Gamesalad. The file will be small because it really isn’t a complicated game, but so far I’ve got stairsets, unispins, and crankflips.

Game goes like this

First scene: level choice. tap a level to choose and play it.

Next scenes: after you choose a level, you will be taken to it. the unicycle automatically spins and travels forward. you must tilt to balance, and touch to jump. Sliding to the right will trigger a crankflip, while sliding to the left will trigger a unispin. You can perform body flips by rotating the player in air with tilt. When you complete the level, you move on to the next screen

final scene: after you beat the level, you will be taken to a screen that (hopefully) shows your score and gives you the option to retry or change level.

Choose your player!.. i like the idea of changing the colours of the uni.

and parts!

will you need to get a certain amount of points, presumably acquired by doing body spins, crankflips and unispins, to advance to the next level?? or do you just have to make your way to the end? if this makes sense… :stuck_out_tongue:

You choose :stuck_out_tongue:

YES! lol then i CAN be christian huriwai :smiley: but of course this would require getting permission from riders and everything

if you want it to be street rather than just trials then yes, spins, flips, pedal grabs, grinds (an absolute must!!) are kind of important

so will it be for crapPhone only or will you make it available for Android phones as well?

ooh, nearly forgot grinds :slight_smile: - thanks Isaac…

How about a maxflip? :wink:

and the front flip!

That is the front flip

There is a difference

Side flip or maxwhip which is it guys?