Street Unicycling, at all like skateboarding to you?


I think looking at the axies that a unicycle can “spin” on, it is related much to a skateboard. I’m not trying to to closely relate it to anything of the sort, only to small extents. But i’m wondering if anyone has gotten any ideas of tricks from skateboarding. I base all my flip tricks on them, and that’s kinda how I move about it. Just wondering what you think. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson
p.s. Mainly talking to the street riders, but anyone can say anything.

I think it is tuff to relate Street Uni to skateboarding when comparing tricks. I think street unicycling has more of a skateboarding style and flow, but more of a BMX trick composistion(only unicycle tricks to me seem more tight,quick,flowed). Street Uni you tend to hit stuff that both BMX riders and Skaters would hit.
So…Well Ya thats how I view it. :sunglasses:

Street Unicycling seems to me to be a combination of BMX and skateboarding…except not using a bike or a skateboard.
I think that BC Wheeling is the closest related to skateboarding. Except no one has gotten reeaally good at that yet, so a decent BC Wheeler is pretty much nothin compared to a decent skater.

Have you seen jeff groves a b.c ? he’s freaking good… way better watch him then any skateboarder!

hmm, no, I guess I haven’t…but I expect it’s similar to skateboarding, yeah?

BC and skateboarding are hard to compare because something really simple on a bc is alot harder than more complex things on a skateboard. I skated for a few weeks last year and i could heelflip, kickflip, 180 and shuv it and stuff which is more complex than what i can do on a bc but for me it was alot easier to learn that stuff on a skateboard than it was for me to learn to ride, hop and do simple tricks on the bc. I havent ridden my bc in a while but i have gotten pretty close to landing a shuv it (or BCspin what ever you want to call it) and its harder than anything i have tried on a skateboard.

Re: Street Unicycling, at all like skateboarding to you?

Yeah, I don’t think I would have came up with the crankflip if it wasn’t for skateboarding. I think that’s why i kick my feet out to the sides when i do it, I figured it’d have to be done with the same foot movement as a kickflip on a skateboard. What really makes it feel like a skate type trick, is doing it off picnic tables and over stair gaps, having to catch the cranks in the air.

i watch a lot of bmx videos, and ride with a lot of bmxers and i would say i get a lot of ideas for tricks from them.

Onetrack…you got any videos online?

hell yeah they are related to me I always follow my skateboarding buds around and do wut they do on there boards on my uni thats how I get style like street stylish I just do wut they do on my uni so let’s say they do a rail i do they 180 a drop I 180 it …