street unicycle

where does everyone that ride street ride. in my town cops are everywhere. they will also give you a ticket for anything. Put it this way my friend was walking to the skatepark the other day whith her skateboard o hr back pack and they gave her a tickt for possesion of a skateboard. the only place i have found so far is around my house, by my church, by my grandma’s, and school. out of them four the only place that really has anything it the school. by my church and my grandma’s there i like one set of steeps and right be for the top step there is a little wall you have to hop over. The wall is like a few inches tall and it confuses me every time.

please help me find a good place to ride.

i think i should have tittled it street unicycling instead of street unicycle since i made one already with that tittle. the good think is that it isn’t about the same thing

Omg, that’s some really harsh police force…

I was out riding late one night, a police van drove to me on the square i was on…
“Nice ride! Have you seen any problems around here?”

  • “Not much, been here an hour”
    “Ok! Can you do anything flashy on that?”
    I made a rolling 180 and rode away backwards, the five cops gave me applause and jumped into their van and drove away :slight_smile:

I guess we have a little more layed back police…

dude you are really lucky

to go along with mean cops. I have to go to court next wed. to tell about something that happened in football season. It was the boys fault that he wanted a red belly and a guy gave him one. He ended up going to the hospital and now his dad is sueing the school system and the other boy might get put in jail.

you should stand up for yourself, man…go unicycling, just don’t do anything stupid like damaging property, and when they try to make you stop, say no. be like Rosa Parks!! you can be a martyr for an entire following of unicyclists. you’ll be <i>famous</i>. you’ll end up on CNN, with the headline, Unicyclist Beaten to Death by Policemen…it’ll be sweet.

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How is that legal at all?
Can you really just outlaw possession of a skateboard?

I have only breifly skimmed over this but, i dont believe you at all. They might have given him/her a ticket for riding but definatly not for just walking.


You’re just gonna have to scope out where the cops are (don’t try anything that’ll get you a ticket, but ride around and see where you see cops most often. Then avoid those spots. It might take a little while but I guarantee you every town has some place where you can ride a while without being hassled.

Talk to skateboarders and find out where they ride… skateboarders get hassled the most, so they’ll be the first to find good riding spots… and who knows you might make some four-wheeled street riding friends :slight_smile:

that is what the person said but i don’t really klnow how true it is because she lies a whole lot.

Huh, that’s crazy. My town doesn’t even have any local police force whatsoever. But in the nearby city were I ride, the only police you see is the highway patrol, and they’re just…normal police.

So, your town does have a skatepark? The police will let people skateboard there right? So unicycle there. And make some skateoard friends, like maestro said.

you have to be kidding lucky8. you mean i’m about to move to a place where i can get a ticket for riding…poop. well, does anyone know an expirienced unicycle lawyer, cause i’m gonna need one about 2 days after i arrive.

We’ve had cops stop twice at our training area, it’s an old hospital building, (currently getting new residents) it used to be empty, so there was no harm in riding there, the whole place is a wreck anyway.

Once they stopped to ask what we were doing

The second time they stopped to say it was cool…

Then again, I’ve also had some cops tell you’re not allowed to ride a bicycle through the park, I pointed out there wasn’t a bicycle to be seen anywhere. Got off tho, for the whole length of 10 meters!.. bastards.



Yea that is wierd, the only police officer guys i see are if there is some crash of some sort or something like that :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

they only let skaers in and no bmxers or unicyclist and a lot of my friedns are skaters so i moight give it a try they might be able to get me in.

i have only seen like one or two but i dont ride down town were all the good stuff is. i am still trying to get us a ride together some where where there is any cops. thats why in that pm I sent i told you about that skatepark in ashville.


where do u live anyway

marion north Carolina.

if you don’t know where that it it is really close to ashville North Carolina and is in the united states

how about australia?
i hear its good this time of year