street unicycle

Would this make a good street uni.

Nimbus X Long-Neck Frame
Nimbus II 20-inch, 48-Spoke Wheel
United Seat Post with 4-bolt rectangular pillar bracket
United Cotterless Crank Arms
Odyssey Twisted PC Platform Pedals
UDC Freestyle Saddle

i also don’t want to spend to much money since i don’t have a job.

i want a new uni because mine is a cheap one (like $50 to $70that i got off of ebay) and mine is not so good

meh i guess if your not gonna be doing very serious thrashing about… you wont need splined… but i still recomend it


That is a nice freestyle uni… You should get something stronger for street. If you want to do really small technical street/ flatland then it would be good but you don’t want to jump sets or any drops at all.

i guess that wouldn’t be that good because i like sets and drops

what would probably be the best wheelset that is not that expensive

Well the torker DX is the cheapest splined uni and it has 127 cranks so thats good for street riding…the DX and the qu-ax are the two most affordable ones. Koxx, kh/onza and profile are better but more money.

cool thanks

does a 19’ tire fit a 20’ rim

you could try but you’d probly have to cut stuff and mod stuff… so Ima say no haha… just get a big 20" tire they make like 2.35’s so yo should be cool with that…

Don’t try to put a 19" tire on a 20" rim…it won’t work.

are torker lx good for street riding? whats the difference between them and dx ?

opps i didn’t mean to put a 19" tire on a 20" rim I meant can you have a 19" wheel set on a 20" frame

yup dont see why not

people have 20" whee; sets on 24" frames so yeah

No one makes a 19" frame so you have to get a 20". Besides once you put on your gigantic trials tire it is closer to 20" outside diameter.

thanks for the help

with one of these is better:

Torker Unistar DX 20-inch Trials or Nimbus 20-inch Trials Unicycle

Im thinking of just saving up my money and make a nice one.

i seen that you can use the parts section on and i think it has all the parts that i would need to build one