Street unicycle

Hey, Im making a new street unicycle. Its going to have a thin tire and 20" not 19" rim.

These are the parts i have so far:

Koxx-One 20" frame
KH saddle
CrMo Seatpost
Koxx-One splined hub with 110mm cranks

I dont know what rim to get, I’m deciding between a Oddysey 7-Ka, Alex supra J triple wall rim and a Sun black label rim.

make sure you get the new KH low-profile fusion saddle! it’s so awesome!!
much thinner (if you’re in to some seat out stuff) and tilted back more (without a rails bracket) for comfort :slight_smile:
I got mine from darren bedford on my new KH trials and love it!!!


I said I alredy have those parts, And I cut down the foam on it alredy.

haha sorry, i got caught up in my excitement!!! yeah, cutting it down is good too.

sounds like a cool uni
i can’t help u w/ rims, but theres a street rider on here who uses a 20" (not a 19" trials) and loves a triple wall rim (general_dibbles i think)

And I’m wondering wich would be the strongest rim?

Haha, your going to have the same unis as me. i have a Street uni, its 20", Odyssey SevenK-A rim, koxx hub with 110 cranks, summit frame, kh seat, snafu pedals.

i would go with teh sevenk-a rim if oyu have hte money, its 70 bucks but well worth it, its a very strong rim and also very light.

Yeah, your uni was my inspiration. How high can you drop on that rim?

If laced well im going to gues youe legs are going to break ona drop before your rim does…so…15 feet plus, this is a beefy as shit rim, its got 7 walls in it. i mean, i suppse if oyur 250 pounts and do it to flat with no roll out and a flat tire im sure you could bust it, but it certain procautions are taken it will hold to many many years of riding

Ok kool. It dosen’t have seven walls but i think i know what you mean. I think i’ll probly get that one. And for the tire I’ll get a maxxis m-tread.

im pretty sure it as 7 walls, anyway, its alot.

It is a double walled rim.

Ah, ahha, what the hell do i know, what do you call the walls that go verticaly in the rim? because its got like 8 cells inteh rim iv seen the draw out of it.