street unicycle

Does any one have pics of a unicycle they use for street? I was just wondering what they use…any pics would be great:D

i don’t have any pics but i can give you the specs of the uni i use for street.

Miyata saddle w/wilder lift handle
Yuni 20-inch frame
arrow rim hub
bike euro cranks
primo tenderizer pedal w/kommando grind plate

(i’ll soon be upgrading my wheelset to a kh)

A street uni is basically a trials uni.
KH, Onza, any trials uni, 20x2.5" tire etc will do for street.

oh and the specs for mine are:
KH seat
KH wheel set (hub and cranks)
Luna bike trials tire
Alex DX32 rim
Yuni frame
Odyssey twisted pro pedals

Simplicity is the key.
If you wan’t to see a street uni, just go to and look at the Torker dx for the stats, it works great for street and freestyle. you can also go to Its the cheapest and one of the best in my opinion.

if you want an even cooler street rig, get a torker or miyata airseat. with street, you never get your seat out in front of you, so this is a nice way to make everything more enjoyable. and with all street pedals you should get some grindplates on them.

I found a pic of the Torker Dx. it works quite well for street and kicks a$$ on freestyle. This uni can take some nice drops.
oh yeah… the cranks aren’t as long as the picture shows. They’re actually the perfect length.

this is my street uni, only difference now is that it has snafus and a grind plate and a new kh seat, the seat on it now is modified so that it dosen’t bend



qu-ax and the Onza Streetstyle


is that splined?

As far as I know it is. Its only downfall is the frame is to small to accompany a wide tire. I was looking into it a while back but went with a summit, which I think is pretty good for street.


Don’t forget that it (the Torker DX 20) also uses a 20 inch rim which cannot fit trials tires. Not that you could use a trials tire anyway because of the previously mentioned narrow frame.

replying to dubmuni2004 i just got done riding it and yes the cranks are splined, ten spline i think.
ohh… and i find that the trials size tires are more difficult for street so the 2.125 is fine with me

Where do you get the grind plates from? Homemade? Are there any available that fit Snafus? Where can i get them?

go to click on bike parts then under pedals you will see the Kommando grind plate, they are made of lexan and are slide fast. And I think these do fit SNAFUs, but im not sure.