Street Unicycle Questions

Hey, just wondering what tire pressure and seat height you should have while street unicycling.

up to yourself.

lol really depends on your height weight and what you like, play around with it. I keep changing my seat hight these days, but i’ve become happy with my tyre pressure (finally) just mess around and find out

as brendan aid its up to you i normaly ppuut it on a very hard presure and just keep taking a little bit out until i find the right preasure i found the perfect preasure on my uni but ive orderd a new one and all the fun will start agen tomorow.

Lol, I mean shouldn’t your legs be bent to some degree, as opposed to freestyle where your legs are almost straight. And with tire pressure, shouldn’t your tire be somewhat squishy so that you can jump higher.

My tire pressure depends on what I’m doing… If I decide to do any drops, I raise it.

When I’m just riding around in front of my house, I keep it really soft.

or it should be hard so you can jump off of big stuff.

anywhere between 15 - 20 psi should be fine if your around 110 pounds.

Thanks, but should you seat be lower than normal when riding street?