street uni

hey i am lookin to buy my first street unicycle. i dont realy know what would be a good one, i have mostly been seeing people talk about the 06 that a good one?i am 18 and 160 lbs will it work good for that weight?

The DX is a very strong uni, the whole wheelset is extremely good for its price.

There was a frame problem with the 2006 models, but has been fixed in the 2007 models, but in the 2007 models have more clearence now.

I have been riding the DX for about 8 months now I think, and its great.

A lot of people say the pedals suck, but I have had them on since the bigining, and I grind and do pedal grabs all the time, and they are still holding up great.

when does the 07 model come out?.. or should i just get the 06 model?

The new model has already came out.

You could probably still get the 2006 model, an it will hold up for aobut 5 months untill the frame will snap. But then, you can buy a Nimbus II frame for 50 dollars and put that on.

It will lose some weight, add tons of strength, and its cheap.

the nimbus frame tends to hurt you because it sticks out farther than the others. if your frame snaps and you know a welder they can reweld it and make it even stronger by welding the top ( where the seat tube starts to stick out of the rest of the frame) and bottom of the seat tube.

ive been riding the 06 DX for 3 mos, and ive had no problems at all. i couldnt imagine the frame snapping unless youre doing some really hardcore riding. but the 07 frame was supposed to be reinforeced anyway. at least thats what i heard.

where can i find the 07 model dx


Ive never hit my legs or anything on my frame, and didnt even notice it sticking out anymore then my old frame.

what is a good type of peddle to use for street.

LX pedals if you can find them if not the miyata pedals or not as grippy metal pedals will work. if you want to grind with medal pedals get removable pins.

i broke these pedals jumping a six set.

i have two questions now.
1.) what do you know about the nimbus X frame? like how strong is it and all that or should i still go with the nimbus II?

2.) would it be better to just buy the 06 torker then upgrade it as i go or just build one by ordering all the parts?

well i am going to order the 06 dx tomarrow and thought i would ask what site you guys thing would be the best to get it from? like what one is the fastest and most reliable

ebay is the cheapest that I know of. I don’t know if there is any on there right now but I got mine from price thumper for 214 plus like 29.99 shipping or something close to that cost

Hm. I thinks the Onza is okey.
The next i will be must be the KHU 07 :wink:

i dont need to get any thin with it do i … like a bigger tire, peddles or anythin like that do i?

Its probably too late now but the 06 dx frames brake easily relatively so i wouldnt get one. Oh well.

i havent ordered it yet cuz somthing came up that i couldnt. you say they break easily and that you wouldnt get it, what one would you get for s street uni?

bedford hard core !!! i have it since…a month or something like that and it’s awesome !!! but…it depends on how much you’re going to spend on your uni… :roll_eyes: