street uni vid

I barely ever uni now, all bc, but today I filmed some stuff .

Oh, and an older one i didnt post:

right click THIS to download:

good vids, man.
you’re going to surpass everyone at the rate you’re going.
how old are you again, 12?

See if mine works: Click here to download
EDIT: Guess not.

You’re incredible. Those long uncut scenes are amazing!

ha ha. beetcha to it.

wow… very enjoyable to watch… good music riding… everything was good especially that first 180 in the 1st movie… it was smooth as butter man… although it makes me wonder… with you being that good an not uni’ing… you made me really wanna see a new BC video!!


Can you put the first one up on google too?


I DL’d that one but there’s an extra FIVE minutes of nothing! A total of 10+ minutes but only about FIVE minutes of video! No wonder it was 79 megs!

that was awsome. u just keep getting better.

that was a nice video! it makes it even cooler because your like 13.

Awesome video bry.

nice videos. great job. I wished i rode like that when i was twelve or now

im scared

Its on Google now:

Thanks for the comments, yeah I’m 12.

ha, yeah, I think BCing is more fun , Im saving all my BC footage…

Oh and sorry for all the black space at the end, Im bad at editing.:slight_smile:


it all looks very smooth. impressive!

Nice vid bry see u around

there is a SKIMBOARD!!!
in your second video

other than that
awesome riding dude