Street Uni recommendations

yea i used the search thread, but none of my Q’s were answered.

i hear the Nimbus 2007 street uni is almost as big as the KH. im looking for the next best street friendly unicycle - im not spending 500 bucks on something like that. 400 dollars is ok, but i cant afford 500.

the nimbus is said to be lightweight, and tough. which is what im looking for. but any other recomendations would be appreciated. i was looking to go into freestyle when i started, but i guess street found me. im not gunna bust my torker 20" freestyle uni trying to street ride.

for under 390 if possible, what is the best street unicycle out there?

nimbus street uni but it looks more like a flatland uni to me,
umm…maybe a koxx one devil,…

AE bikes sell kh’s for cheap, like $365.

the nimbus street uni, looks sweet for street riding. if you can’t get a kh go with that probably.

i checked AE bike, its 499 there. where can i take a look at a koxx one devil

im probably going to go with the nimbus, but i’ll take a look at a koxx one.

the koxx are just as expensive as KH’s, go for the Nimbus Street if you want to save cash, it looks pretty good to me. you can et a kxx red devil for 395. i got mine about 3 months ago and i love it, it’s bomb proof.

if you want to do street go with a koxx devil. you can up grade to street cranks for 40 extra if you want to. they come in 135mm and are good for flatland riding, but arnt to good for flips, as in they flip slow. all in all its a great uni(i ride one)!