Street uni frame compadiblity

Hey there, I’m looking to put together a street uni and had a couple Of questions regarding compadible parts here are the parts I’m thnking of putting together

K1 seat
KH seatpost (if it fits)
Nimbus 2 frame or impact reagant or KH
KH or nimbus hub
kh sym cranks
plastic pedals
KH rim/spokes (red)
try all tire

Does the impact frame fit in a kh or nimbus hub?

Does a k1 seat fit on a KH seatpost?

Are the nimbus 2 frames good for street? Or should I go for the Impact or KH

and are the sym cranks worth it? Would K1 street cranks fit on a nimbus or kh hub?

I’ve seen a KH frame on an Impact wheel so it’ll work the other way around, and KH and Nimbus are the same as far as I know so you should be good with either hub.

K1 seats fit on KH posts, that’s what I have now.

I like my KH frame for street, I’ve never tried the other two, but for sure don’t get a K1 frame they dent really easy and are generally lower quality than KH.

I wouldn’t get the sym cranks because it would be a pain to use them to mess around with rolls and such, the new street cranks are supposed to be compatible with KH and Nimbus but I don’t know if anyone has confirmed it. If I remember correctly though, Impact makes tubular cranks, those might be good.

Hope I helped. :slight_smile:

Here’s a thread about compatibility issues with Nimbus/KH hubs in Impact frames. If I remember right the flanges on the Impact hub are just a little closer together leaving a bit more clearance for spokes to the outside than KH. As a result the Impact hub fits in the KH frame, but the KH/Nimbus cause spokes to hit the Impact frame. There are some pix of Impact frames that have been filed to clear the spokes.

At the end of the thread there is a post that says it all just fit together, so at best it might work but don’t count on it.

If you want an Impact frame just get an Impact hub. Of course if you get a KH frame anything should fit right?