Street Trip

Thats the video of the Spring Break Street Trip I did with Nele,Chris(gnomerider) and Matti.
Most tricks are street but there is a bit of flatland,freestyle and fun stuff in it. :roll_eyes:
Hope you enjoy the video.And if not,please chill guys.this is a “fight free” thread:D
Comments are aprecciated.

EDIT:We love gummy bears xD

perfect video

Very nice :)! The beginning was funny :D.

Hahaha nice. “I accidentally dropped it.” I’ve used that one before too xD

Nice vid.

Sofia, I noticed in this and your last vid you had some pretty big bails. You might want to strengthen your core muscles more. I noticed by doing this (esp. w/ my hip flexors) I significantly reduced the likely-hood of not landing on my feet in a UPD, also I could ride faster and more smoothly over rough terrain and climb hills a bit better as well.

This could keep you injury free significantly longer.:):o

thanks :slight_smile: i am really working on my bails…it got better already.i learned to roll :sunglasses: I didn’t get hurt in my bails (except for the 15 set handrail bail in my last video).
i almost never hurt myself seriously in crashes.mostly they just look big and awesome and don’t hurt.:smiley:
and btw. my name is SoPHia :stuck_out_tongue:

i love this!
really fun feel to it :slight_smile:

Nice vid :slight_smile:
good tricks,editing,music and fun to watch :smiley:

HARIBO!!! The best gummibears ever!

Chris’ outflip down the ledge was soooo stylish, I love that. I love outflips. Nice vid. Matti’s flat clip at the beginning was funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice one. Good fun video. I love these kind of videos.

This video is awful. I hated all the flat, flat’s gay. Your street wasn’t flowy enough. Gummy bears are disgusting.

:stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding, of course. There’s too much flaming going on… (in other threads)

Awesome video, all of Chris’s stuff was soo smooth, Matti’s flat was sick, and Nele’s freestyle added some nice variation. Of course I <3 all of your riding Sophia, can’t wait for NAUCC!! :slight_smile:

That was awesome, looked like a lot of fun.
Nele’s crash on that ledge was unexpected :stuck_out_tongue: I think her seat’s a little high for grinding.

haha well im gona comment anyway :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha lol. nice one

really nice video so much fun had by all :slight_smile: loving the trey flips up/down stuff! such a cool trick to watch imo crongrats to everyone.

Matti, your 720 unispins are best i have ever seen!!! :wink:

this video was awesome! send me some Gummy Bears? Haha I love Gummy Bears too!