Street Tricks

So me and my friends like to do tricks together and play horse and stuff, the only problem is i do all this on a numbus x 24", they do it on skatebord:D s. can somone give me a rough estmate of what uni tricks would be called on a skateboard and visa versa.

kick flip- crank flip
heal flip - backflip
shuv it - unispin
180 - 180
varialflip - hickflip
sex change - sex change
indy grab - tire grab (in front)
melon or method - rear tire grab

I can’t really think of anything else that is different. But if you have any questions I can prolly answer em.

ok cool thanks for the help

Also switch is when you do it with your wrong foot forward, and fakey is going backwards.

ballin, now i know what stuff means by doint somthin switch