Street Tricks

Im trying to think what street tricks have been performed so far so lets make a list, please add. These are the ones i know of but i think alot of people do things but dont tell anyone.

crank flip
foot plant
footplant to crankflip
tire grab
1 footer
no footer
1 footer tire grab
no footer tire grab?
crank slide
pedal slide
all the spins ie 360
unispins down drops
half rev
full rev
180 half rev
180 full rev
360 half rev
360 rev
foot plant 180 in 180 out
foot plant 180 in
foot plant to grind ( this trick sure does suck for those of us who footplant on the opposite foot they grind on)
hmm i know there are way more so please add, also are people happy with these names?

Brian Lundgren

well heres what youre forgetting:
-blunt slide (where you hop over the rail and grind it)
-grinds can be done with either front or back pedal
-drop kick grinds (where you drop the seat and catch it on your foot, then kick it back up)
-no foot wheel grabs have been done
-180 no footers
-remember you can ride backwards into tricks
-remember you can do tricks with either your right foot forward or left foot forward (called switch if you use the wrong foot)
-180 grind
-grind 180 out
-180 grind 180 out
-180 wheel grab
basically you can combine any of the moves on the list to get something crazy. and dont leave out like hopping big sets and hopping over handrails and stuff. i mean its not the number of tricks you can do that makes you good at street. its how you present your style and how big you can go while still staying technical. like hopping a 6 set isnt that big. and doing a flat ground 1 footer isnt that big. but if you throw a one footer down a 6 set, its a pretty good trick (if i do say so myself haha). just stay original and go big. thats my theory. anyways, peace,

what exactly is a crankflip?

Has anyone tried a 360 into a grind?

My girlfriend came up with that one. Shes definitely a keeper. :smiley:

I havent put too much time into it yet.

Yeah, some of those trick seem self explanatory, but others are just hard to imagine.

but on the grab sid eof it theres lots of diffrent places to grab the tire like in skate an inline, so a diffrent place on the tire makes for a diffrent grab;

tire grab (same hand same side of tire)
mute grab (left hand left side ot tire)
shifie grab (pull a shitie big enough so you can grab the bottem edge of your tire ((i havent landed one yet cos i cart get enough air time).

these are the only inline inspired brbs i have but i guess you could do them all fakie (with the oppisite hand) and backside ( same position as regular jus behind the frame)

sorry for the bad spelling guys i dint read it through but brbs = grabs

a crankflip is a trick that few have landed. i certainly havent. its when you hop, kick the front pedal down, remove both your feet, let the wheel spin 360 degrees, catch the pedals, and finally come back down on the ground. extremely difficult trick, but it will become a pretty popular one im sure.


Ok, here’s a street-ish trick/mount I came up with:
It’s a wallrun (like in parcouring) to a suicide freemount. I’ve only done this when somebody was holding the unicycle though…

Here’s another thing I did recently which I think qualifies as a street trick even thought it’s not rails or air(drop tricks? I figure since we unicyclists never do get much air…) tricks: It’s basicly a tweek of the tyre-hop. So yeah, you tyre-hop facing a wall, drop the saddle and lean the whole unicycle on the wall while remaining on the tyre. You can then either flick the frame back up with your feet (for extra coolness) or simply reach down and grab it.


or let the wheel spin 180 degrees. I think it looks must impressive when you spin the wheel backwards, so the wheel has to change direction when you lant.

What about Seat grabs?were you jump up and hang the seat on somthing…maybe.

what, the trick or the girlfriend?


My personal favorite is the guy in Universe 2 (the trailer, I haven’t seen the movie) who pedal/crank grabs (I can’t tell) and flips his uni all the way around. I thought of doing that the day I heard people did jumps on unicycles and seeing it made me really happy.

I have been trying to learn a trick i have never seen before. It’s when you hop in mid air pull out the seat,thus in seat out position then push it back in which is the hard part due to kh saddle fatness!

I have problems learning seat out riding because the back of the saddle (which is presently a Torker CX seat, but will soon be a KH) knocks my legs around. Is a miyata any different?

Kind of a thread jack, but whatever.

it’s probably the way you’re holding the seat… eventually you’ll get used to it. try holding it further away from your body

i got one

i dont know if anyone else has done this but i did a 270 to crankstall. Ull see it in our new movie comin out next year :D, peace

arg, i see how that could be misinterpreted. I havent put too much time into the 360 into a grind. Sorry about that haha

Dallin Stoker invented something sort of like this. You hop seat in front, then when the tire comes up grab the bottom of it. He calls it “The Stoke.”
You can see it in the U.N.I. trailer.

has anyone landed the 360 crank flip down anything yet?