Street Tricks done late?

Got into this alittle while ago and have only got about 4 tricks I can do late. Wondering if anyone else has gotten into this. My late tricks include 180, blind 180, 180 unispin, and crankflips. Lateflips are my favorite.

Uni definition
Late: (adj) - Done after the jump, executed while in the air.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. Do you have a video clip of it?

A “late” trick is when one waits before executing the move, perhaps just before they land they’ll throw in a flip.

To compare, a normal trick would be started just as the rider starts their air.

Being that it’s tough to get “big air” on a uni, I’m totally stoked to see how this is done. I’m freaking out over how much street riding has progressed lately. Way cool!

Hey Shaun,

 Yeah late tricks are sick.. i mostly do them with 180s down sets and stuff. Doing it with the 180 180 unispin is pretty fun.


I dont know how you can do a late 180…but I can do late unispins…

late 180s are done down stairs… u hop and once you are at about 2-3 stairs before you land you spin you 180

Oh wow next time im near stairs…like never, il try that… :wink:

I’d throw in a normal 180 then a “late” back-rev… God I hate street-riding.

With all them “cool” and “hip” expressions.

you could do it on flat… hop and when u r almsot on the ground turn

it can b done

hey i can do a 360 with a very late 180 in it, but if u can pull crankflips and unispins and catch em in the air it looks friggen awsome. but i reckon it can b done just pratice and getting use to the feel for it

Is there a special name for if you catch flips in the air? early?

no, its just a normal crankflip like how shaun cranksflips that 8 set in the syko vid it’s just a cranfklip catched early

late flips

yeah theres no real name but whens skaters do theres late they call em late flips, well sum em do, so u ould call em late spins or late flips but it deosnt really matter

yea good idea sir.

If you are responding to me then if you are catching it early wouldn’t it be the opposite of a late flip?

oh shit

yeah it would ay shit yeah i got mixed up then u could call it a early flip or spin i guess but that sounds crap