street trick names

ok ok before you start yelling, i did search but to no avail, however if there is a thread about this already link me to it and let this one die.

i’ve been riding street a while now but just recently starting landing tricks and while i know what the basic ones are(crankflip, unispin, etc.) when tricks like unispins, body varials, and crankflips start getting combined i have no idea what to call them.

so basically i was wondering if one of the wonderful street riders on here would be willing to compile a list of all(or at least a lot) of the flip and spin tricks that are out there as well a short and simple description of the trick. i’m not really concerned with flatland trick names, mostlyjust spin and flip trick names and descriptions. maybe if you do such a thing we can get this made into a sticky and can avoid future threads like this.

180 flip (180 hoptwist+crankflip)
360 flip (360 hoptwist+crankflip)
hickflip (180 unispin+crankflip)
treyflip (360 unispin+crankflip
fifthflip (540 unispin+crankflip)
sejflip (720 unispin+crankflip)
outflip (180 outspin+crankflip)
fulloutflip or in-intreyflip (360 outspin+crankflip)
outfifthflip (540 outspin+crankflip)
doubleflip (double crankflip)
tripleflip (triple crankflip)
quadflip (quad crankflip)
180 doubleflip (180 hoptwist+doubleflip)
varialflip (varial+crankflip)
fullvarialflip (fullvarial+crankflip)
sexchange (bodyvarial+crankflip)
inwardvarialflip (inwardvarial+crankflip)
treysideflip (360sidespin+crankflip)
treybackflip (360 unispin+backflip)
hickbackflip (180 unispin+backflip)
fifthbackflip (540 unispin+backflip)
smallflip (smallspin+crankflip)
bigflip (bigspin+crankflip)
hugeflip (hugespin+crankflip)
x-upflip (x-up+crankflip)
backchange (bodyvarial+backflip)

Theres a lot more but i dont feel like typing them all. Somebody else can take over. Most tricks you can add a extra flip like in-intreydouble or treysidetriple

Just watch Shaun J’s flip vid.

A lot of tricks have been landed since this video, but this will give you enough to learn.

And for any other street questions, post in the “Street Discussion Thread”.

Wow, that’s an excellent reference! Written descriptions of these moves are nice, but there’s no substitute for seeing them in action. Also I like how he cranks off several examples in a row, seemingly with little effort.

Yeeeeep, thats SJ for ya.

Footplant tiregrab
No-footer tiregrab
One-footer tiregrab
Late 360 unispin

I’m probably making some mistakes with some of the names, so feel free to correct me .:smiley:

ha ha ha ha, I never knew that was out there, thank you Maestro!

awesome guys, thanks for all the help i’m sure with all the material you’ve given me i’ll be able to find out the names of the tricks i’ve been working on. lol

Hmm; the first link takes you to wikipedia. It says the first street comp was in 2006; that’s wrong…it was 2004, at muni weekend:


Hmm; the first link takes you to wikipedia. It says the first street comp was in 2006; that’s wrong…it was 2004, at muni weekend:


Feel free to change it, anyone can.

Then edit it.

I guess I should have mentioned that I already edited it before my post. I figured it was implied, or that people would look.

Anyways, I did update it. It just goes to show you how easily wikipedia can be wrong.


Flip Vid 1 is terrible :stuck_out_tongue:

Theres just not enough tricks.