Ok, I have been watching videos for a bit and am still confused. what is the difference between a street and a trials uni? I want a 20"for jumping around on things/steps. What uni does what and why? Thanks for the help. Rem

short answer:

A trials unicycle needs really strong components so it won’t break, plus grippy tire with good bounce for hopping and max. jumping, and preferably light weight. Crank length 130-140mm.

Street is more open and the unicycle is probably less crucial as it’s not so pushed to the limits of breaking like trials, but usually you want a square crown on which you can put your foot for tricks. Crank length <130mm. Then there’s special stuff for crank flips and seat drags and what not but I’m don’t really do street.

In the end you can use one for the other up until the really top levels.

Sounds like you want a basic trials unicycle with 140mm cranks.

Thanks freerider!

What MUCFreerider said about crank length is true. When it comes to buying a stock unicycle they are really exactly the same. When you get custom unicycles that is where you see the difference. Contrary to what MUCFreerider said, trials riders are trying to get their unis as light as possible so therefor they are weaker. That is OK in trials because the forces tend to be more direct. i.e. straight down the frame and not much twisting in the rim. Street unicycles are put under some crazy forces so they are generally a little heavier.

Very good to know ! I may be putting a lot of stress on one. 5’8 185lbs. Do street have fat tires too??

They have the same 19" trials tires. As far as I know there aren’t any smooth tread “Urban” tires for that size, but if there were street riders would probably use them. Some people grind the tread off of trials tires to make them better for urban riding, but it’s probably better to see if you can find someones old trials tire than doing that to a new one;)