Street/Trials vid...

I made this vid last month, just havent posted it yet, but on youtube i already have over 2000 views! comment mostly on the editing, cuz that pritty much why i made it.

That’s really sly of you, posting it as a response to that vid! I think someone like Luke Collalto or Ryan Atkins should do that, to show the best of unicycling.

Nice video, btw. The editing was good, I think.

that is really smart, just pick a featured vid of the day, and post it as a responce to that vid, really a good idea, a way to get a lot of reviews, we should get shaun to do it when he is able to unicycle agian, when is he able to unicycle agian, really miss his videos.

Cool video. The song was annoying as hell but the riding was ace.

I lvoed the song, and turned my speakers way up while watching.

Sweet video. :smiley:

good vid.
who was the music?


that was a weird version.

devil in a midnight mass-billy talent(greatest band ever)

SICK!! lol your a nerd

[B]the song is different thoughhh…its a redone version tot he original

[tis an awwwesome band…check em out]

its all odd

nice as … really enjoyed that cheers

nice movie…we gotta go riding again soon e-mail me or something if your free