Street/Trials vid - Mike Swarbrick

I couldn’t think of a title…

Anyway, most of the clips are new, some old.

Not much special as such, the hop was 92cm.

What d’you think aye?


[Edit] This is a slightly different vid from the one some of you have seen on youtube. Just a few clips moved and transitions and shiz not much.


I hated that vid, sorry too boring :wink:

oh now you post it :roll_eyes:


cool vid, nice crank flips

but did you abusivly throw your uni at the end? :astonished:

That was awesome, your curbs over there look pretty tiny.

Ah, finaly a new vid from the king of backflips.
Nice clean flips, realy liked the foot on tire to crankflip.
And I just can’t believe you landed that high hop (92cm) with plastic pedals :astonished:
Anyway, good job.
See you at FLUCK :slight_smile:

Peter M

will we be seeing quadral backflips anytime soon?

They’re never happy are they?

Awesome vid! Nice frame!
How high was that hop?


Your video was good. Nice backflips and such


that brick thing u hopped up is huge!

That Was Most Awesome Keep It Up!

Good flips and that…

Oooooooooooh, I like

far out your good at triple backflips

nice one! liked the drops with flips

Brilliant, Length was just right too. Nice one Mike.

Sexy, dead sexy.

luv it! totally awesome!

nice…really impressive…really liked the variel flips.