street / trials uni

I’ve been searching through the forums <APPLAUSE> :stuck_out_tongue: trying to figure out the difference between street/trials/freestyle unis and this is what I’ve figured out, is this right?

If you put a street tire on a trials uni, you have a street uni.

If you put a trials tire on a street uni you have a trials uni. (as long as you bought one with a strong hub)

freestyle unis are kind of in their own class and best kept indoors :slight_smile:

none of the above are true

street/trials unis are the same, cept the frame, but that has more to do with specific branches of the two styles

street unis are pointless without a good hub, anything not splined is a joke.

watch Ill (made by shaun j)

Street unicycles are also more likely to have shorter cranks, but this is ultimately an end-user preference. Trials and street unicycles both tend to use the beefy 20" (19") x 2.5" tires that trials unicycles have always used.