[Street/Trials]Summer Unicycling 2010 - Erick Gonzalez

Hey guys this is the first real video I’ve made, I hope you like it. I had a lot of fun making it:)

that was a cool vid, i liked the riding in it and your seat is pretty cool to :sunglasses:

how long have you been riding for??

Thanks! I’m loving the seat, I just got it this summer at the u games:p
Ive been riding for like a year and 8 months

pretty good for less than 2 years of riding. if you work on not slowing down so much before your rolling hops just a little bit, I bet you can clear that 6 set by about 4 feet… and make that other gap a little easier.

The unispin at 1:47 was pretty cool- not to mention the awesome can crushing :smiley:

thanks for the advice, I’ll definitely work on it. Jumping down stair sets is still pretty scary to me so I slow down :astonished:

can crushing is fun:p I normally miss and hit the edge, but i got it right on that time:)

New Mini-vid

I made this little video but I don’t want to make a new thread for it. I made it for the girl I asked to homecoming, I didn’t ask her with the video, it was just extra:p Anyways, nothing extra awesome in it but enjoy.