Street/Trials riding and 'Hard' Pavement Tires

Can anyone post experiences of using tyres specifically designed for Pavement use on Street/Trials unicycles? All that I’ve seen have been these massively-knobbly (usually Maxxis Creepy Crawler) tyres, and I’m wondering how far experimentation with different tires has gone. Do the BMX riders’ Vert/Street tyres suit us, or are we best to stick with the common ones?

A quick search turned up some tires such as the IRC Tire “Lovers Soul”, any opinions on whether it’s worth considering some experimentation into specifically Pavement tyres for Urban trials would be appreciated greatly! (Though I haven’t checked out the price yet, looks like it could be kinda pricey :p)


if you have a 19’’ rim, you are pretty much stuck with a trials tire. If you have a true 20", you can trya wide bmx tire. That 1.85 is too narrow for hopping, IMO, but check out maxxis’s tires in somethng 2.2 or 2.1 or so

I hadn’t thought of that, the rim size slipped my mind… heh. Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:

i have a Maxxis Ringworm on my uni and i love it. it’s smooth and it grips very well. same think for the hookworm.

and it’s cheap !!!

Kenda kinetics. It’s got enogh nobbiness for gripping but still rides smooth and it dosn’t fold and get pinch flats. And the k-rad is alright.