Street/trials ride in Exeter, October 3rd


Just wondering if there are any street or trials riders going to the Exeter unicycle meet who who would like to go for a ride during or after the event. Exeter is a wickid place to ride it has a great skate park and loads of good areas round and about the town centre for street and trials riding.

should be great riding, Sam

any 1

Um I doubt I will be able to make it on the 3rd as I am doing the bristol bath charity ride. I will definatly try and make it down another time for some trials.

Maybe you will find some like minded individuals at the uni meet?

SWUM can;t organise and advertise a street/ trails ride off site during teh meet as we are quite explicitly NOT allowed to by our insurer. DOing such a ride as part of teh meet would mean the whole meet had no PLI or volunteers LI.