[Street/Trials] Ready to Fall

I’ve been working on this video for about a month and I have put many hours into it. It’s my first video and I’m really happy with how it turned out.


High Quality

Leave lots of comments, and tell me what you think of my editing:)

Nice, I loved the whole lot. Great editing and nice angles. Trials was iffy, but hell your not a trials rider in the first place! Keep the vids coming.

Yeah definitely. Keep up the good work Matt. :smiley:

Hope to see more vids.

Awesome vid. I did something like your train gap too. But instead of doing it one trains, I did it across 3 different semi trialers at night. Probably one of the more scarier stunts I’ve done. (trailer roofs are flimsy). Good vid though:)

That was really awesome man. You’ve improved a lot this past year haven’t you? I liked the sets and that footplant hickflip thing (i think).

i liked it…
dont forget about grinds though cuse u got some nice hand rails around you…

That was really good. You are getting really good…And good editing…and for the music…its hard to please me.

Let music become the medium of which the emotion and feeling of said film is shown. I think youll find that instead of listening to the music as just a song in a video, and start focusing on the song as the video, you will accept more music used in videos.

Then again, the clips may not be edited well to the music at all, and just throw the video off and become just a song that is playing.


Loved the vid and the music

Yes I have. And yea, that was a footplant outflip. The weird thing is that I still can’t land a crankflip, but I can almost outflip. I was trying a bunch of outflips today and I hit the pedals once but fell and twisted my ankle.

I want to try some handrails before the winter so hopefully there will be some in my next video.

Thanks for all the comments

Very nice. Shooting and riding were great. Nice riding too, eh? The footplant outflip was pretty darn sexy, Also, I like the way you spin your 180’s. Nice

I would have been pissed if you didn’t use that song.

It looked like you almost made a 540?
Nice variety of skills

Very good Matt!
I am impressed:)
Keep up the good work.


Where’s the helmet to keep those brains and tallent in? :frowning:

Brain injuries usually don’t heal, all others usually do.

+1. Rise Against is awesome

I only just came across this video but it really good; nice riding, filming, editing and music. That trials spot with the big rocky things looks like fun. And I noticed you go pretty violently on the pre-hops for your 360 unispins… we have something in common :smiley:

So yea, good work and keep it up!


ya that was back when I still had to do a lot of prehops, I can do them better now with only one pre hop and no hops after.

good job. you have AWSOME potential.

keep going