Street/trials on a 24MUni

Has anyone ever used a 24MUni for street/trials? or should you just stick to a 20? Thanks in advance:)

justin kohse uses 24in for street

I run a 24" for trials, mainly because being over 6 feet, a 20" is just too damn small.

im 6 ft 2 and use a 20" and dont find it small :thinking: but then again ive nevr used anything else

I think that when people get to a certain height, they look rediculous on a 20"… It looks too small and unstylish… That may just be my opinion, but if there are others who think like I do, they should make 22" for the larger street riders. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just too damn small. . .

OTOH, I learned on a 24, and have more miles on 24’s than anything else. It might just be more “comfortable” for me, even aside from the ergonomics. Also, I’m sure the smaller wheel gives much nicer fine control.

But, for me: too small.

i tried to do street on my qu ax 24" for a while before i got my 20".

its ok for big street and things that require speed. but anything technical is very hard.

If you have the money, its worth having 2 unis, but if you can just get one, the 20" will be easier

Your seats just to low.

This is how I feel on my trials haha. I’m only like 144 pounds, but I’m almost 6 feet tall, so a trials uni does feel really tiny to me, and also super “squrilly”.

im 6’2’ maybe 6’3’’ now… and 20’ is the only way to go. small is good cause its easier to through around. but it sucks bad for muni.

Justin Khose street on a 24’

also just a good vid.

hope he doesnt mind me posting this.

Kris Holm does a lot of trials type work on a 24", although he’s mostly into Muni. Many of the skills are similar.