Street/Trials Movie: KFC SHOWDOWN

Zack Baldwin (zack), Brian Lundgren (uniextreme), and myself do a bunch of street, trials, and muni! There isn’t that much muni though. This turned out pretty neat, and the music goes really smooth with it.

As for the KFC part, you will have to watch it to see! We did a ride on a Friday night at a nearby high school, and the Muni stuff the next morning at the wicked trials in Auburn.

Music is by Pepper.

It’s in WMV format, and 10.9 mb. (Please don’t complain about the filesize, just wait it out. It took me 4 hours to upload it!!)

Now without further adieu, may I present:


Here is an alternate dload link if the gallery is down: click me only if necessary



wow that was really impressive! i like the trials on the munis. next time u go to kfc, order the soft tacos :slight_smile: and dont forget the fire sauce

keep releasing videos like this as often as u can!


wow, first time i got to see brian’s riding outside of a few clips and man that kid is awesome. got to give zack props for those no footers… such a cool move. only bad thing is with such a nice camera and great riders it’d be a lot better seeing it on a tv or something. any plans to release a vid like that jess?

Wow that was nice. Zack’s frame looks like the new KH ones is it? At the start does Brian do a 180 crankflip, I couldn’t figure it out. Impressive riding all around. Is there a high res. version I could download? Please, keep’em coming.


Oh yeah, Brian’s part was amazing. He should make his own urban assault movie.

very entertaining…I feel like I got my money’s worth!!! :wink:

Some great moves. Like the no footers, and the line riding from the yellow gate to the rocks. Good choice for the music. It seemed to compliment the video rather than over power it.

Great video!!

Cool Movie!
I like all those crazy no/one footer moves.


I like it when the normal sounds are left in. I think that’s what makes it more like a unicycle sport video rather than a music video.

Amazing stuff, thanks for another raelly nice movie. I’d also like to buy a nice high res. DVD of your riding.

That yellow rail to rock line was really nice…very very controlled…and on a muni!


That was fun. You guys really do seem to like hurting yourselves on that one set of steps!

Someday I hope to make it into one of your films. I’m not volunteering for severe crotch pain though. Maybe some nice scenic trail riding?

Was that really your first taste of the Colonel’s recipe?

Very nice, that was most enjoyable.

I liked your fall onto the grass after the rail jumping.

And try Popeyes. Iit’s much better.

Actually the other thing I forgot to mention was how amazing I found that pedal grab where you went from grabbing on the ledge to rubber on the rail the nthe rail gap…incredible!

Yeah, next spring I’d like to release a uni movie on dvd. It would have a lot more than something like KFC Showdown though. I’m talking a full-on dvd. FULL!

Zack has a bedford frame (basically a semcycle). He welded a miyata extention to it, bondoed it, and sanded it. It’s basically now exactly like a semcycle longneck. I have one on my freestyle, and Zack and I compared it to his frame and they are practically identical. This is his temp frame while darren is fixing his 27.2 one he broke! What a beast!

Yes, I agree. Brian is the man.

Umm, not at the moment. Maybe in the future

Ah, just wait until you buy my dvd next year!

Like I said above, prepare for a dvd next springish. But if you mean like just the KFC Showdown, it’s possible that i could mail you a dvd. I bought a dvd burner not long ago, so I can make my own :). If you are really interested email me: jess(at) . I will have to charge you a little if you want to do it. (for DVD + time + shipping)

Of course John! Zack and I have been planning since before the summer to film you for this “upcomming dvd.” We really want to get you doing some freestyle! But yeah, next time we ride I’ll make it a point to get you in.

Wasn’t that rad? In case that wasn’t a typo, it wasn’t me, it was zack that did it. If you like that, ask Ryan Atkins to show you his super-pedal-grab.

Whew, I need to do some homework!!



ya that Was a Pretty Cool Video. Brian Has some Sick moves! I liked the bails the best!

awesome movie, crankflip that was ruff. .

Do you got msn Jester ?


i want a high res shot of the 180 crank flip

I have only one suggestion and you can take it or leave it, you should get differnet angles for the set jumps, its hard to see the trick and also just to see how big the set is. Only a suggestion. Again, I thought it was great. What does Zack land on in his pocket after that fall after the big hop.


I think he lands on his cell phone or something like it.

This was possibly one of the best videos I’ve seen. I really like how it had the easy going music, as well as some talking in it. Very awesome.

Pepper sounds a lot like Sublime…I really thought it was sublime through the whole video.


It’s finger lickin’ GOOOD!!!
licks fingers

wow man…can’t wait to ride with you guys at the toque games…

It’s gonna be a blast.