[Street, Trials] Dealing with Darren

Thanks for the comments everybody!

Not right now; I’m keeping my qu-ax with the nice long cranks and that frame for now as my trials uni and I’ll use the kh mainly for street and flat. If I upgrade to a better trials frame I’d probably sell the round one but I really like it for trials already.

You shoulda never sold me those cranks;):D.
Well anyway I can only 1 1/2 backflip my 145s and since my kh wheel with 125s is messed up I haven’t landed double backs in a while:(. I also was able to out doubleflip which I haven’t been able to land with 145s:(.


I agree. Although to tire is much more preferable (ie if you are close, it may be better to hold on the vid until you get it).



Yeah this video is da shizzle

especially da filmin :sunglasses:

Yay 200th post:D