[Street, Trials] Dealing with Darren

(the title is an inside joke between xccrev and I)

I was going to film more clips once I got my kh 08 but I decided to put these ones out and start filming fresh once I got it.

So enjoy…
(vimeo is processing)

Haha, I love you man.

Your riding is so good all around. That crankflip down the 7 was my favorite street part, but my favorite trials part had to be that line where you pedal grabbed the fence. Nice dude.

Awesome! Some trials were sick!

Can’t wait to see your 08 Kh :smiley:

You’ve gotten really good. The first rail line was nice as was the gapping between the posts.

I didn’t like the pedal grabs though. Go to rubber or not at all;).

I knew you’d say that :p. I’m working on using them less but I think pedal grabs will always be a part of my trials.

Thanks for the comments…


Don’t be hatin on Darren bro!

I’m not hatin on Darren, thats why you don’t get the joke;).

Mind explaining then?

Wow that was great
That first rail looked way hard and so did the gaps between the short pillars things
If you improved your high jump a bit you’d be a way good trials rider

Yeah, I know:(. My goal was 3 ft. by the end of this summer and possibly 100cm if I got past 3 ft. but I only got 79.5cm. I think I could get around 85cm now if I had the ledge or pallets to get that high.

Id like you to jump straight up to posts in your next video and then ill be impressed :sunglasses:

I’ve been working at it;). Small handrails and post for now.
I’d rather not be able to do a line than to cheat anyway, so I won’t compare my rubber to any other pedal grabs.

hey man… even joe hodges does pedal grabs… if Joe Campbell taught me anything, its that there is nothing wrong with a pedal grab as long as its used well…

Sweeeeeeeeet, add some flat next time and It’ll be awesomes.

sweet, posts were the best.

Really cool vid man! :slight_smile: the handrail and the flip down those sets were my favourit part! :slight_smile:

When you get your KH can I buy your round crown frame?


Awesome. You are getting really good, bro. Haha, ever since that double back at NAUCC your skills just keep putting me to shame. :roll_eyes:

hey man, nice vid. Dont worry about danny, he’s just sour cause he cant pedal grab. :astonished: :smiley: but who needs to when you have a sidehop like his right?

loved the clean flip down the 7

awesome trials man. i really liked the flip down the 7 too.