street/trial uni difference

been riding for a while now and looking aat upgrading my cheap unicycle.
Just wondering if there is any difference in the types of unicycles used for street/trials or just what you do with it?


a street uni wont be as strong as a trials uni.

trials involves bigger drops pretty much so they have to be stronger. that said street unis are dawn strong too.

getting a KH 07 20" would be fantastic for either. or a koxx one trials uni.

For street you’d want shorter cranks, and a lighter wheel. But apart from that they’re the same uni.

k well that being said what do people think of a Qu-Ax 20?

It’s a great, unicycle. Damn near indestructible, great for trials. The wheel might be a bit heavy for some street, also it comes with 145mm cranks, probably too long for most street.

how does shorter cranks = better street i dont get it? soz for all the questions obviously ima newb

Shorter cranks are easier to spin(the wheel), also (for those of you obsessed with weight) they’ll make the wheel a few grams lighter.

for trials you want more wheel-control, with longer cranks you get better control. but you also get slower speed.

with shorter cranks you can ride faster and i believe it is easier to do street type trics on like crankflips.

Well the difference is
MUni - Would always have a off-road type tire and normally have stronger frames then street.
Trials - Would have a stronger frame than street to contemplate/absorb the jumps, drops etc.
Street/commuting - This is where the coker, Schlumpf and 29er are king. These unicycles are specially made to cover distances.
Freestyle - This is generally used for flatland skills and routines.

Hoped this helped you in some way.
Take care

ok then whats a good medium between the two styles, price range of about 500 Australian, i think thats around 360 odd US.

The Qu-Ax is a great unicycle, it’s what I’ve got, but if you’re going to do more street type stuff, you might want to get a DX. I’m not sure where you can get it apart from ebay

There’s not many other good splined unicycles(if any) you can get for under AU$500.

When you say medium, what exactly do you mean??
If you want a good, durable, long lasting unicycle. Might i consider the Torker DX. I have one and have no intention of selling it. :wink: It’s definitely money well spent/value for money. Whereabouts in Oz are you from??

im up on the central coast, so a torker dx ay, ill check it out, im just curious cause ill be doing trials mixed in with some street stuff to so need something than can handle bits of both

Then it’s definitely worth the $$$ as i use mine 4 both whenever necessary. :smiley: :smiley: Australia doesn’t have a lot of choice, of the good brands they’ve got Qu-Ax, Onza and Kris Holm. The Onza is way overpriced (only $85 under the KH 2007) The Qu-Ax is the only one under your budget, strengthwise it will not disapoint you, people call it quite a heavy unicycle and I think they have a point even though it’s not as heavy as most people think.

I’m just looking at the specifications that the Australian site has, and I saw this:

Cranks: 154mm Quax splined CroMo cranks

I highly doubt they’re 154mm cranks because Qu-Ax doesn’t even manufacture them, I think it’s more likely they’re 145mm :wink: If you’re really going for flatlandish street then I think you might want to ask them to put 127mm cranks on them, otherwise the cranks are good, I use exactly the same ones (145mm) and havn’t really had any problems with them, but I’m not a very technical rider, more big street.

Things you want to consider when buying the Qu-Ax on UDC Australia:
The pedals don’t have replaceable pins and will lose grip pretty fast.
The cranks might be a little long for what you plan, explained above.
The saddle is a bit fat, you might want to upgrade to Nimbus gel or a KH street.
Okay, this is weird, the Australian website still has the LUNA trials tire on it, personally I love the LUNA but if you’re a weightfreak I suggest you get the Creepy Crawler setup which is 300 grams lighter, the tire also lasts less long (it will be worn in 3 months ish) so are you lazy to change your tire like me, get the Luna, if you want a bit more grip and less weight get the CC (I will probably switch to it in the future too).

The KH is also a very nice unicycle, definitely lighter and maybe better for tricks like spins and stuff like that, it is also above your budget, if you decide to save for a more expensive uni then go for this one and not the Onza.

To give you an idea what your upgraded Qu-Ax would look like: MDC upgraded Qu-Ax

Suggestions for upgrades are:
Standard BMX pedals w/ replaceable pins / Odyssey JC pedals
Low profile saddle like the Nimbus or new KH
CrMo 10 spline 127mm cranks
Creepy Crawler tire

I don’t know why people are saying trials unicycles are stronger than street unicycles. The drops are just as big, if not bigger than in trials.

Crank length is all preference, but most street riders like shorter cranks to get higher speeds and they are a bit better for flip tricks.

I think they’re talking about the Koxx tubular street cranks, apperently nicer for some things but not as strong as the normal splined cranks.

hmmm well considering all of this id prefer just to save up an extra $300 and get the KH insted of upgrading everything, birthday is next month too anyway so might get an early present or somfin.

Thanks heaps ay, good to see people are helpful to newbies like myself

Well we’re always here to help people like yourself. So don’t hesitate to ask any questions you might have, ok buddy.

Take care

If you are going for the KH try to get it with the Odyssey JC pedals because KH are suposed to come with them now and they’re 10x better than the Snafu’s also I just noticed Australia ships them with 125mm cranks, try to get them with 137mm haha, why does UDC Australia have other specs on the same unicycles? :thinking: also it wouldn’t be much trouble to upgrade the Qu-Ax or get the KH with the proper stuff, you just send UDC a mail with the stuff you want, I’m always very picky about cranklength and stuff like that, ask Roland from :wink: