[Street/Trial] The SuSpenSer

Hey everybody
i post you a link of the SuSpenSer of our next vid
===> Here <===

Galoupiot’ TEAM (Nantes)

p.s: this video will be released in a couple of week
sorry for my bad english :roll_eyes:

p.s 2: don’t forget sun glasses

Looks Good! I’m looking forward to it!

A run up the wall mount :astonished: I’ve got to see somone land that!!!

what kind of crankflip is that, it didnt even look like you hit it, did you jump before the flip, like a late flip, without the late in the air?

Il y aura des sanctions Ben’j. :slight_smile:

Please speak English on the forum. I can’t understand what you say.:smiley:



the vid will be avalaible soon on unicycle.tv