[Street/Trial/MUni] Reef and Kevin's trip to Brisbane.

Hi guys, I went to Brisbane for (as some of you already know and are very jealous) The Big Day Out. I went a week eariler so I could ride with Kevin (kidmuni). We had a great time but on the last day when we went to do some street and trials, it was pissing down rain all day so we didn’t get as much footage as hoped and it made it a lot harder to do street especially when your plastic pedals have absolutely no grip. This is the higher quality one, the bottom one is stupid youtube, don’t go to it, or download it then comment on youtube.


Sweet weekend.
Shame it was raining though :angry:

I liked the unicycling, but I hated the music. The first song was excruciatingly repetitive and the second I didn’t think matched the unicycling very well.

I really liked the grind on the playground.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the music either, but whatever, its your music and its your video so good on you for putting something you liked!

I really liked all the random playground grinds, I was amazed by the wet skinny riding, aswell as that ride up the steep skinny, I really wanna try that now.

I was also surprised I didn’t see a ton of flip tricks, I’m cool either way, it was just surprising.

I usually never watch videos longer then 4 minutes but this was actually pretty cool.

Riding was good, music was bad

The lack of flip tricks was due to the rain, I have no grip so it was very hard.

Thanks for the comments so far and as for the music, I wanted Rage Against The Machine because they were the headline act that I saw when I was there.

I hope you didn’t take my last comment offensively. Getting to choose your own music is one of the best parts about making a video. I was just pointing out that I didn’t personally like it.

I also don’t usually watch videos longer then 4 minutes long but this vid was kept my attention for the whole thing.

that was good stuff, i reli enjoyed it. i dont know how you manage to do all that stuff in the wet? skill.

i really enjoyed it, the music didnt bother me it sort of just faded into the background because the unicycling was very good and kept me entertained, well done :smiley:

I wasn’t offended, why would I care what music you like, it’s your choice.

Thanks for the comments so far people.

Loved that Video, it just shows that you can do both trials, street and Muni in the same video. I just LOVE the look on Kevin’s Uni. The spray paint on it just makes it look like he stole that thing and spay painted it to camouflage it !!! Keep it ghetto keep it real

Lol is that a good thing?

I liked most of the video… Not a fan of Muni unless its done really well (I’m sure you all know what I’m talking about)

Crazy riding i the wet, I like your guys commitment to making the video :smiley:
Nice rails, we don’t see enough of them these days.

Great riding, the skinny riding was quite impressive.

As the others said, the music choice didn’t work for me. I’m as much of a Rage Against the Machine fan as the next guy, but it just didn’t fit the editing. The vid looked pretty laid back, but the music was more agressive. The second one fit alright.

I liked some of the camera angles though.

Overall, I liked the video. Good work.

Ahh yes, I love rage (but I sadly wasn’t able to make it to BDO) and love anti-flag. But I feel it didn’t quite fit…

Actually it feels like its kind of a waste of a good song, cause its kind of like a rule to not use a song someone else has already used lol.

Well Yeah it’s not he’s trying to have the last shiny new Uni. I find it better when you like the rider and not the ride (which sometimes can be confusing)

That whole comment was confusing :s

Ok so here comes the explanation: Too often, I look at unicycling videos and find myself not looking at what the rider is doing, but looking at the Uni he’s riding. When the rider has a non-shiny unicycle, you can see the actions of the rider more clearly. The idea of a “non-attractive” uni (so to speak) is great since when you watch the video, I find myself saying I wanna be able to DO that and not I wanna get me one of those. That is why I say I find it confusing sometimes since I sometimes like the video but not because of the riding being done but more what Uni the rider has.

Thats what rewind is for.

nice riding. u guys are a lot better grinders than i am.

first song was great;) . second song was ordinary.

I liked all of it, but especialy the Muni lines w/ both of you in them, and the ones filmed from two angles so that it looked almost like there were two cameras.

Did it take you guys a bunch of attempts to get both of you in the same shot and so that those segments looked like the same attempt?

The way you edited it you make the Muni terrain look easy and/or you are REALLY consistent. + big props to your guys skill.