[Street/Trial] Galoupiot' Vid 2007 Edition

Here it is
We’re proud to announce you this vid
a great thanks to olarf and his great work on unicycle.tv
here is the full quality version (417Mo) 26min lenght
there’s bcing, street and trial riding and a little bit of freestyle
feel free to comment it

bobousse - galoupiot’ team

Very nice. Thank you!

why doesnt the link work for me??? i just get this:
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just try right click on the link and save the link as

can you upload it on youtube or something?

a flash version wmv version and mov version will be avalaible soon

it didnt work on WMP on my computer…it was bein gay and didnt show any video…just showed the color thingy for music…

That was sweet. Everything was superb; the riding, filming, editing… You have a really cool uni, Bobusse.

EDIT: My video stops at about 17:40… There’s a glitch or something. What should I do?

since the vid i changed the rim for the orange bud one and for an orange seat clamp photos soon
thanks for your comments anyway the vid will be avalaible on the unicycle.tv website soon so there will be no problems with the vid…

That was really awesome. I really liked the coasting stuff. The guy on the BC wheel was really good. I like the creative tricks and the editing was really good too.

I played it in VLC player and it worked fine.

Yeah I played it on VLC player, too. I tried it again, and it still stops.

the files make 417 Mo … and you ?
I think you must retry to download it.

Sorry for my bad english

Galoupiot Ben’ J

here is the wmv version

I really like that video very much !!! Many thanks to bobousse for it. But he didn’t only upload it to our Server, he also did the french translation inner one night and so up from now you can use monocycle.tv to get the page directly in french.
Thank you bobousse for that great fast help.

The video is now also online on utv but only as wmv file. The flash file will be ready soon but actually I have some trouble to convert it.
I hope that there will be several 100 new video formats next week to make it not that easy :smiley:

So take that half an hour and enjoy the Video Galoupiotte 2007

The video is not only from me… :wink:
for the editing the biggest parts were edit by mitriprius and mono-benj :smiley:

Oh yes, sorry for forgetting the other riders and producers. Thanks also to you.
THe flash file is now ready and only 85 MB big. You will find the file here or also here.

that’s really sweet. i add it to my favourites


What means “SuSpenSé” ? ^^

The SuSpenSer was the name of our trailer… :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

“Suspensé” doesn’t really mean something, it’s an invented word which can be translated as “Suspensed”. It could mean “watched the suspenser (trailer)”. I dunno if it’s really clearer now … :frowning: :slight_smile:

That was very well put together, and some great riding!

What does Galoupiot mean? :slight_smile: