[Street/Trial/Flat] Harder Better Faster Stronger

hey everyone
here is my new vid
there not in it all the footage i wanted to film because i broke my foot you’ll see it in the vid
i’ve got at least 5 weeks without unicycling and so no fluck for me :frowning:
i wish that you’ll enjoy the vid
here is the google video link it’ll be on unicycle.tv soon

That was a good vid. Some neat tricks in there…

Can’t you come to Fluck and just hang out? You don’t have to ride… How big was that set? Looked pretty huge to me…

i can’t come to fluck it’s too expensive just for watching others riding
i would have come i didn’t break my foot
it’s a 10 set and yes it’s huge i was so close… damn :angry:
thanks for your comment

very nice

Doesn’t matter.

There’s always Unicon next year…

the first one
i’ve got x-ray pictures i’ll scan them

wow ur static hop is soo high…
that wall plant was pretty sick and that stair set at the end was huge!

on unicyle.tv:

Good vid :slight_smile:
The riding and editing were great:D , but I didn’t really like the music:( , plus it sounded kind of flat.

yes yes very good bobby, the coasting is always goof from you and the 1- set was BIG, nice crankrolls aswell and also the footplants off thwe walls

I also didn’t like it the first time, but then it really got to me and now I keep singing it while riding.

It’s great. And thanks for the download version, too!

thanks a lot for all your answers!!! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :smiley: :o