{street,trial,flat} Cereale style

hello, Sorry for my bad english :frowning:
I present a video news, Kiri is me, my friends have to call me as its in the video one to have fun (I am the small boy with the blond hair)
Arnaud it is that which makes crankrolls.
Amiou it is that which makes trial.

http://www.vimeo.com/1686238 :smiley:

Nice riding! i really liked the song to :slight_smile:

Very good video and nice riding. I’m sorry but if I hear that song agian I’m going to puke.


Nice video, nice riding, nice editing, and I really like this song.
I really enjoyed.

Pretty nice video but I hate that song!

other than that, all I would change is a lot of the unnecessary labeling of tricks.

Your english needs a bit of work. But whatever lol.

Really good riding. Havn’t heard of any of you guys before but I’ll certainly be watching you. The flat totally raped mine and the 540 sidespin was really nice. The trials were… well… they were trials lol. Anyone know what I mean by that?

Really good, you need a new camera though (I shouldn’t be talking because I’m in the same situation :p).

Good video though, didn’t really like the song much only because it was the only thing played on the radio a while back and I have heard it 5,000,000 times.

Thank for your comments :slight_smile: :thinking:


Really like the video and the song.

only the quality is a little bit bad.

how old are you guys?


Nice video guys.

Hello, I’m the “arnaud” of the vid’ (the flatter :wink: ). My english Isn’t good too…

A big thanks for all of your comments.

Raphael, we’re all the same age : 16.

For the camera, indead it’s a problem, but we couldn’t do otherwise :frowning:

unicycledood, there is nothing anormalous ( does this word exists?) you don’t know us, it’s the first “big” video we shown! :slight_smile: maybe it’s not the end…why not :wink:

Thanks again for the comment :smiley:

kool video.:smiley:

And the K Makes it even KEWLER

Hey UniKid, do green cereal boxes come jumping into your room at night?

I have 15 years old, arnaud lying :smiley:

I am verry happy if the video was liked :stuck_out_tongue:

it really necessary that I improve in English

Yes, you have to!:smiley:

Very cool vid! I really liked having the names of the tricks in there. For a beginner like me it’s hard to spot the different tricks.

Some days