[Street]Trial Dance

Here is my first video. I think it turned out pretty well.


The footage is old, but that’s all I have.

am downloading it now :slight_smile:

Hmm, I was told by two people that it doesn’t work. There must have been a problem at upload. I’ll try to upload it again.

This is bad luck. Sorry for the inconvenience.

The server seems really sssslooooowwww…

I’m only getting ~38 KB/s :frowning:

Seems more than fast to me. And the file doesn’t work anyway. #

I’m uploading it to the gallery now. Hope it’ll work this time.

I tried opening it in VLC and it said that “The AVI file is broken”. When I clicked to fix it, it only played about 2 seconds of video.

I’ll wait to get it from the gallery :wink:

Okay, I’ve finally managed to upload it so that it works. It must have taken me about four hours all together.

So, correct link.

I’ve download it and it seems to play okay. I wish the video quality was better, though.

Hmm, I was told that the sound doesn’t play in quicktime. I checked, it didn’t work for me either. Don’t know why. I used SUPER for conversion and the sound is normal mp3.

Anyway, you can try to play it with http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
It’s a good video player and they’ve got versions for most platforms that you can happen to be on. Sorry for all this. I never thought it’d be like this. Maybe I should just write a story next time.

maby you should upload it to google or putfile?

Doesn’t the second link work for you?

Edit: this thread will probably set the record of how noone talks about the vid, because all the posts are about downloading and how nobody could watch it. Maybe I should just put it on youtube.

that would be great :slight_smile:

I downloaded the second link you posted, let it download and then opened it with VLC. Everything worked fine for me!

Great video, Ivan! :):slight_smile: I wish I could hop up picnic tables…and side hop a meter…and everything else you did in your video…

nice vid :slight_smile:

I suggest you put it on youtube next time, im downloading it now and its taking about 8 mins :frowning:

slow? i’m going at 505kB/s thats pretty good according to me :smiley: plus i’m hoping the res is good. Oh wait its allready finished. Took like 30 seconds to download. Very nice.

watching now… download is corrupted…

uhm i think thats it. VLC can repair the first 5 seconds of it. ah wait second link. Ok equaly as fast ~500kB/s very nice :smiley:

nice video of 24" trials its quite rare to see them :smiley:

too many people on silly little 19"s now a days :roll_eyes: :smiley:

didn’t play for me with ANY player. Well, vlc played it for 2 secs! You should just upload it to youtube.

windows media player works

Not for me; could be a vista compatibilty issue, but I don’t think so. I have every codec available, and ALL other videos I’ve DL’d play just fine, and as I see in above posts, I’m not the only one who can’t view it with WMP or whatever.

could you upload it to youtube? i’m on dial-up and it takes uberlong to download stuff…
i can’t wait! i wanna see this really bad, man!