Street Trial - 2010

Great video! Inspiring! :smiley:

I don’t understand…3 threats for 1 vid :p?

nice one, great riding!

Nice video guys, loved the 360-sidehop and the 540sidespin :smiley:

I’m sure I’ve already commented this…
Epic! I love how big you guys go :slight_smile: some of the in sync stuff was awesome, mikes trials was beastly as usual, simon! your SI static stuff :astonished:
Absolutely loved it :slight_smile:

boring video, but the riding was good.

nice work guys :slight_smile: liked the hop up ledge to roll wrap. and the flip up that ledge too. everything else was nice also.

Thanks dude, We’ve got a few nice falls from trying to flip up!

Thanks about the rollhop-rollwrap :smiley: it was one of my better spontaneous ideas :smiley:

Thanks for the comments everyone!