[street, trial, 12"]Bunny'vid

That’s my new vid, it’s called “Bunn’vid”

I’m waiting for your reactions!

You have some MASSIVE rolling hop up that poles!

And pretty big stuff with that 12"

Great video !

AWESOME man! really nice!

I loved your rolling hops…

Where did you got your super strong 12? It’s really nice!


:astonished: your rolling hops :astonished: and very nice riding with 12" !!! :astonished:
And the 900° unispin was amazing!!!:D:D;)

Your rolling hops are unbelievable. Huge and to rails and posts. So impressive! gonna have to learn that now.

wow the rolling hops are so massively huge and you make them look like they’re teeny.
Why is that 12" still alive? :astonished:

Wondering the same thing.

Trials was really impressive, the hops onto the pole things were cool as well.


sick video. like everyone else said youve got some solid rollin hops. twelve inch street and trials was very entertaining :slight_smile:

You are my hero man! that video was simply amazing. Those rolling hops were insane, I’ve never seen anyone rolling hop so high, clean, consistent, and overall awesome. I can easily say, that this wont be the last time I watch your video.

You have some skill. I like skill :slight_smile:

sweet vid! looks so effortless
we need a unicycle store like that in the U.S.

How long are your cranks?

at :29 you seem to be pedaling hard, but you don’t look like you are going fast enough.

Awesome hops man. I remember your other vid from february. You’re great.

Whoa, those rolling hops were huge! And onto poles! What’s your highest rolling hop?

lol, 12" seems a bit silly to me but I suppose it’d be fun. I had a go on a 16" the other day and went for a 540 unispin and almost landed a 720, lol.

Excellent skills !!! The rolling hops were huge, and it was great to see the natural trials, well done. That 12" is sick !! :slight_smile: Awesome stuff

Nice video reminded me of a old 90s video of hans

Great video, awesome riding. unbelievable hops! Wow!

thanks for including some falls or we might be led to believe you’re God :smiley:

I’ve got to go whipe.

That was intense. How do you even learn to hop to poles like that? That’s crazy. You’ve got to be exactly on target. Insane, my jaw dropped.

About how high where the pole, aye?